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Anyone out there with IC gone through IVF?

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  • Anyone out there with IC gone through IVF?

    I am getting ready to start invitro at the end of this month and I am really afraid of the IC pain that I am going to experience due to the hormones. MY IC has been in remission since i had installations in March but I do still have a lot of pain around ovulation and my period. I am really afraid that the pain is going to be horrible when they begin super stimulating my ovaries. Has anyone been through this?

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    First off, I wish you lots of luck!!

    I had a baby boy in Jan. this year. Not with IVF though. But pregnancy is definitly different for each individual. I only had two flares during my pregnancy. And those two, one actually turned out to be a UTI.

    There are also lots of girls on here pregnant now. Maybe their situations are more similar to yours. Good luck and let us know how you do. You're already ahead of most when becoming pregnant. (IC being under control)

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      Unfortunately, my IC symptoms began while I was going thru IVF. After my retrieval, (in which they retrieved 23 eggs) I developed a UTI...well, I took meds. for the UTI and it seemed to go away, so I continued with the procedure...the first IVF resulted in a chemical pregnancy and was unsucsessful. Well, I decided to try the procedure the very next month and developed another UTI. Well, this time my symptoms just didn't want to go away. I was showing no infection in my urine but was having pain, urgency and pressure. I should have taken a break at this point but I chose to continue with the procedure which ended being unsuccessful. After my second IVF attempt, my bladder symptoms, urethra pain much worse and just escalated from there. So, I finally took a break. Almost two years later, with IC symptoms minimized, somewhat, I decided to go back to my fertility specialist and discuss going thru another round of IVF....not really sure if my body could handle it but wanting a child so desperately. Then I get a call, a couple of weeks later, about two precious little girls up for adoption ages 1 and 2 at the time. Sooo, to make a long story short, my hubbie and I chose the adoption route and couldn't be happier. Our little girls have brought so much joy to our lives. It's hard for me to believe that I actually didn't give birth to them, sometimes. They just fit so perfectly....this was just what was supposed to be "for us". Everyone is different. I do wish you lots of luck with your IVF endeavor. IVF is so hard in itself to add IC to the mix....but you CAN DO IT. Anything is possible. Just remember not to push yourself and give your body time to rest. I'll be sending prayers your way because I truly know what a difficult situation you're in. Take care!