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Is anyone considering adoption?

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  • Is anyone considering adoption?

    We are. It turns out that my husband has about four sperm and they are strolling....or something like that. It seems the only way he can get me pregnant (and various doctors have varied opinions about how I'd do pregnant ranging from it might be fine to you'll probably need morphine for the nerve pain in the last trimester and we'll wean the baby off in a couple of weeks) Anyway, it seems the only way my husband could get me pregnant is with invitro which would mean 1. I'd have to take drugs to get my eggs big- a very bad and dangerous idea in my case and 2. we'd have to allow them to kill off some eggs and choose one which thought I'm pro-choice I am not comfortable doing- it seems too much like pushing destiny or God or somethign like that for me. Anyway, our plan is to start looking into adoption by this coming summer. My husband is Chinese and would like a Chinese child- (I'm white/not-religious Jewish and don't really care what the kid is. WE are likely to look into foriegn adoption and we want an infant. We will likely look into China as well as Cambodia where we have heard they have a more nurturing foster care system than China. Evidently, in Cambodia they have some Chinese Cambodian children. Oddly, whereas in China, the basically adopt out girls, in Cambodia, it's onlly boys. Anyway, I'd be interested in hearing from anyone else who is exploring this route to parenthood.

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    HI. If I ever have children I will definitely be adoption, I have IC and asthma and just don't feel I can bring a healthy child into the world, and quite frankly don't feel like I would want to put my body through that anyways. My personal thought is that I could love a child whether it came from me biologically or not. I have also looked into international adoption from Russia and Romania, and also local. I understand wanting a baby and this is the easiest route with the least amount of waiting time, for myself however, when the time comes I will probably opt for an older child. Good for you for considering this, so many kids need good homes!


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      Although the whole process can be long and tough, I think adoption is a wonderful idea! I bet you could find some great websites with adoption message boards and information. I think the key is to find someone who is familiar with the adoption laws for whichever country you choose.

      Lesa :O)
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        My sister adopted a little girl from China 4 years ago. It was the best gift that she could ever of gotten.

        If you would like information on the agency she used, please e-mail me. I know my sister would be happy to talk to you about her experiences.


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          When I was 6 (I am 17 now) my friend's parents adopted an asian boy, Jonathan. My friend's mother had endometriosis and had a hystorectomy after she had her daughter, my friend. He is now about 10 and I know her parents never regretted doing it.

          I think adoption is a wonderdul option--- I hope everything works out wonderfully!

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            I agree with the others that adoption is an excellent direction for you. I know several people who have adopted from other countries; these children are loved so very much.

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