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    hi im starting to ttc this month. been in terrible orgasmic burning nerve inflammation in my urethral area. bit nervous as what will happen when im pregnant and pushing the baby out it feels like i have a uti everyday. ive had this for 3 years and fed up waiting to get preg as im 38 yrs old. i have two children already and im glad i didnt have this then. anyone can tell me what happens in preg.

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    Hi Debbie, I am going through the same anxieties too! We are about to go through IUI and I am so scared-enough to make me have doubts! I was wondering if there are any meds you can take during pregnancy too....

    Hopefully somebody will get back to us!

    Good luck, Lainie [img]smile.gif[/img]


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      thanks for replying im hoping someone will know as well ill let you know when i find out something ok.


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        When I was pregnant my IC felt like it went on vacation. I was able to eat all kinds of stuff that was IC forbidden.
        Lanie... did you have a blood test for mycoplasma pnemonia or chlamydia pnemonia or ureaplasma? Before you have the invitro you might want to have those tests (PCR blood test) done. I read a lot about those bacteria causing infertility and after going on the treatment for it women were able to get pregnant on their own. I had my son via invitro and wish I had had the blood test. It might have prevented me from having to go through all the drugs and expense of IVF. I was recently tested for the above and tested positive for mycoplasma pnemonia and chlamydia pnemonia. I haven't used protection for the last 8 years and by the grace of God I have my 4 yr old son (IVF). Wouldn't it be a miracle if I get pregnant after I'm finished with my treatment. By the way, the above bacteria also cause cystitis.