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  • C-Section?

    How many of you have had C-sections because of your IC or were told that was the best option for you? I do have the interstim implant and C-section is the preferred birth method because it doesn't strain the wires on the spine. I'm trying to get information for my perinatology visit--I just wanted to see how common c-sections were for IC patients.

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    I had 2 c-sections before IC came along and I am 6 months pregnant and planning my 3rd c-section. My obstetrician felt it would be best for me to go this route, now that I have IC. Hope this is helpful. It does take a little longer to recover from a c-section than a vaginal birth, but it is really not bad at all. Good luck to you,



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      I asked my dr the same question, and he said for now natural would be best for me.

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        I have five children and had all delivered vaginally. I was diagnosed with IC after my third (even though I think I had IC long before that) and still had my next two births vaginal. I never had any problems.


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          My doctor didn't think I had to have a c-section because of IC at all (but I don't have an interstim implant). I, unfortunately, ended up with one due to my pelvis and his head not cooperating, but not due to any IC complications. I made it to 8 centimeters and was able to experience most of it semi-naturally. The only thing I will HONESTLY say was an issue for me was that I have pelvic floor dysfunction. I could have had contractions forever (okay..maybe not..but you know what I mean), but being checked made me crawl up the walls. We didn't realize until AFTER I had delivered why I was such a "wimp" when being checked. Then we put two and two together and realized that tense muscles equals.."get that hand out of there." Anyway..that is my only little advice, story, etc. when it comes to natural delivery and IC related issues. If they decide on a c-section, I agree, a little longer recovery, but not so bad!!! Your new addition is so well worth all of it.
          Good Luck and Congrats.
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            While I dont know a whole lot about the interstim, I can see the point of the doc wanting to do the birth by c/section.

            I have seen many many babies welcomed into this world when I was working, and though a c/section is VERY scary for the mom and dad, its the least traumatic for the baby.

            The only drawback for the baby is that he is not squeezed through the birth canal and does not get the fluid out of his lungs as a vaginal birth does, but this resolves itself quickly, and is usually not a problem. The nurses in the nursery know how to deal with it easily.

            I'm so glad to see that you are seeing a perinatologist! They are such great docs, and have seen almost everything, or they would not be in the position they are in, and that is one of extreme education, to take care of mom and baby in a way a regular OB doesnt have the knowlege to do.

            I wish you the best of luck and if you ever have a c/section or pregnancy question pm me and we can talk.

            Good luck, Sandy


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              I have also had 2 c sections and 5 months pregnant now. I am planning another c section and actually not even worried about it this time. Good luck.