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Hydro before trying to get pregnant?

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  • Hydro before trying to get pregnant?

    I recently got married April 1. I have symtoms of IC and a constant pressure on my bladder which is very difficult to live with. I have tryed acupuncture and herbs, physical thearpy too without success. 2 Drs. told me to go have a hydrodistention. One suggested to try elmiron, but told me not to take it if I wanted to start a family.
    -I want to have a baby soon and I am afraid to do anything to my body but the pressure is so intense and I have had it for 6 months already! Should I just do the hydro? or forget doing anything and try having a baby?
    All comments are greatly appreciated!
    Thank you, Mimmy

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    Hi Mimmy, I too am considering pregnancy, and I just had a hydrodistension done about three weeks ago. I have had Interstitial Cystitis for about ten years. About every year I have a distension done on my bladder. It really gives me a lot of relief about a week after the procedure. I'm going to tell you that I'm in a lot of pain after the procedure is done for about a week. I usually take two day's off from work, and take pain medication for about a week. For me it is well worth doing the procedure. In a few weeks I will be taking a fertility drug Clomiphene in hopes that I get pregnant as soon as possible. I'm hopeing that my hydrodistension holds me over until after my pregnancy. When I have my distension done the doctor only instills DMSO, there are other drugs that others instill as well. I wish you luck, and any questions just ask.
    Take Care KimS.