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  • PCOS and IC

    Well, I went to my new fertility specialist, who sepcializes in PCOS at the NY Presbyterian-Cornell Medical Center fertility clinic. He was very nice and very supportive, and thankfully said I have a very good prognosis. He had a lot to say about PCOS, and is giving me a glucose blood test to see if I am insulin resistant, but he was not too encouraging about talking about IC. He was aware of IC and aware that it is hard to get a handle on because nobody really knows what causes it, but he returned the reading material that I gave him that discussed IC and PFD. Also, when I mentioned the connection between hormones and IC, or the possibility that PCOS could contribute to the bladder and pelvic floor problems I have, he didn't seem all that interested. Honestly, there was so much information being exchanged that I did not pursue it. My husband was with me, and after the visit he gave me an analogy (he is good at that). I am a trust and estates lawyer, and he said it was like someone coming to me to write a will, and handing me reading material on contracts law and asking me to brush up. One is not relevant to the other, so maybe the point is that this Dr has not seen any connection. It makes sense, and I wasn't really sure the doctor would read all the material I offered him, but I am not going to let it go so easily. I'm obviously going to meet with him several times, and he is going to be monitoring my hormone levels, so I will have an opportunity to bring it up again. So, the only thing I can tell you is that he didn't mention any particular correlation of patients with PCOS who have IC. Sorry I have nothing more to report. I'll post back here if I do.

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    Was just curious what is PCOS?
    Thanks JOJO


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      PCOS is polycycstic Ovary Syndrome. It is a condition where the hormonal balance is off and as a result, the ovaries do not release an egg each month, and the partially formed egg stays in the ovary and they look like small cysts on a sonogram (but they are not cysts). Some of the symptoms are irregular periods, high weight (especcialy in the trunk of the body), excess body hair and pelvic pain. In a lot of people, there is insulin resistence that casues the weight problem and contributes to or results from the hormonal imbalance. These dyas, it is very treatable.