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    I am searching for a safe prenatal vitamin to take that won't hurt my bladder. I desperately need the nutrients but have had no luck in finding a brand of prenatal vitamins that doesn't hurt my bladder.

    I must find something soon. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

    God Bless,


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    I had a tough time with Natafort....but I have been okay with Premesis vitamins. If you're finding that all of the prenatal vitamins are bothering you, perhaps you could take some of the really important ones separately? (like folic acid). You won't be getting the added Vit C that way. Ask your doc!!!

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      I had a lot of trouble with them too. I ended up just taking folic acid and tums for calcium. Since then, I've been taking childrens chewable vitamins, 1 in am and 1 in pm, and they don't do too bad, not great though. You'll just have to experiment a bit, your best bet is probably going with the individual vitamins, especially folic acid.
      Good luck to you!
      Darcy (Olivia 14 wks)
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        Watch out for the Folic Acid - that is what bothered me .... fortunately - I was far enough in my pregnancy - that my OB said it was ok to stop the high folic acid ...and just take some regular vitamins ....
        Alot of the B vitamins (B12, Folic Acid - etc.) and Vit C seem to be a problem for me.