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Have you been Pregnant with IC? I Need Help!!!

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  • Have you been Pregnant with IC? I Need Help!!!

    I was diagnosed with IC in October 2012 after nearly a year of horrific pain and no answers. I immediately went on the strict diet, took Elmiron and Myrbetriq religiously and received bladder installations for 8 weeks. By April of 2013 I was in remission and ready for a baby. We had awful trouble conceiving and had to go through IVF. I stopped my meds, but continued the diet and was completely flare free during all of my IVF meds and treatment. I was lucky enough to get pregnant on the first round and am now 15 weeks pregnant with twins!! So happy, however around 12 weeks I developed bacterial vaginosis and my bladder decided it wanted attention and has been flaring ever since.
    The biggest problem for me is not knowing what pelvic pain is coming from my IC and what pelvic pain I should be worried about because of the babies. The doctor that manages my IC does not treat OB patients and my OB knows some, but not a whole lot about managing IC. I feel like i'm totally on my own for the next 6 months to manage this by myself. The IC meds are not considered safe during pregnancy and no one will give me installations because I'm on a blood thinner and the installations usually contain heparin. I am still following the diet, but I need to get as many nutrients as possible especially with a multiple pregnancy which means 6-7 servings of fruit per day! How does one do that when they only two fruits I can tolerate are blueberries and bananas???

    Plus now that the babies are getting bigger, they are sitting on my ureter and I practically have to force the urine out because it gets stuck. The forcing makes my pelvic pain so much worse.

    Has anyone else gone through pregnancy with IC and what helped you make it through the day. I cannot take off work unless it is because my babies are in harms way because I am the main income and carry the insurance for the family so I need to function to the best of my ability until my Ob inevitably puts me on bed rest in the third trimester.

    If you have been pregnant with IC and would share your experience, I would be very grateful. I hate feeling so alone in all of this. That is one of the worst parts besides the pain.

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    Re: Have you been Pregnant with IC? I Need Help!!!

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm sorry that you are having trouble with pain.

    I've been through two pregnancies with IC and they were vastly different. The first one (four years ago), I basically went into remission by the second trimester and my bladder was pretty darn happy most of the time. The second one (just last year; my son was born at the end of January) was a different story. I still had remission, but by the third trimester, I had so much pain I was on modified bedrest. I had uterine prolapse after a forcep delivery with my daughter, so my uterus was sitting really low and right on my bladder. As the baby got bigger, he put more and more pressure on my bladder. After talking with both my ob/gyn and my uro, we decided I wouldn't take any medicine. I don't have stellar advice for you. I really wish I did. I basically spent the last three months of my pregnancy staying off my feet as much as possible in order to survive. It was very rough. I can tell you that it was more than worth it in the end. I'd do it all again to have my son here. However, I can also tell you that knowing that doesn't necessarily make dealing with the pain any easier. (((Hugs)))
    ~ Stacey