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Should I have a baby or adopt?

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    Re: Should I have a baby or adopt?

    I'm so sorry for your loss! Five months is a very tough loss. I had 2 early losses and one at 9 weeks.

    My doctor said that antibiotics have an anti-inflammatory effect, so I think that helped me during some flares. I was given the macrobid while waiting for the culture results. I never tested positive for UTIs.

    The first trimester of my pregnancies was always the worst--your body is adjusting to an onslaught of hormones and the uterus starts to increase in size and presses on the bladder until it big enough to be sitting above the bladder. The third trimester was more of a tenderness, frequency of peeing issue versus lots of pain.

    I was on progesterone during the first trimester and took baby aspirin the entire pregnancy because of blood-clotting issues.