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Gepan / DMSO Instillations and Trying to Conceive

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  • Gepan / DMSO Instillations and Trying to Conceive


    My new urologist wants to start me on Gepan instillations as treatment for my IC. She knows that within the next 6 weeks my husband and I will be trying to conceive, but has said that whilst Gepan has not been determined as safe during pregnancy (no trials have been done), it will be fine to have the instillations until I get a positive pregnancy test and then stop. She has also prescribed me a long term course of Cefalexin in case bacteria are making my symptoms worse and to reduce the risk of infection due to a catheter being inserted to administer the instillation. The Cefalexin, I believe, is currently making my symptoms worse.

    As the quality of advice I've received from the two urologists I've seen has been questionable (they seem to know much less about IC than I do), I wondered whether anyone else here had either had Gepan or DMSO instills whilst trying to conceive or whilst pregnant or whether you had been told by your urologist not to? I know Gepan and DMSO are not the same drug but Gepan does not seem widely used outside of Europe so I'm widening my hunt for advice! I assume the risk of either Gepan or DMSO entering your bloodstream through this type of treatment will be similar even though the risks associated with each drug may be different.

    Thanks very much in advance.


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    Re: Gepan / DMSO Instillations and Trying to Conceive

    I have Gepan instills, until now 7 times. I called medical company as it did not work very quick, and also asked (while it is living cells grown inside of cow) if it can be problem of my milk allergy. The lady there said, no, it stays in bladder and does not go to blood circle at all. I would suggest though that you would wait with trying to have baby some months. I mean, some months are not really long time in your life to wait more, but some months Gepan can make soooo big difference! It is slowly making for me. But it takes usually some months to work, somebody said here even 6 months she got Gepan instill every week, before she got really better (small improvements can be happening before, but can also take 10-12 times!). People who give up Gepan after 4 times, while it is not working, will never really get the effect.
    I hope you can wait with making the baby a bit.