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  • Do you need special needs ideas?

    Most of you know that Jake and Savannah were born FASD, The hard part in all of this Jake's bio mom caused Jake brain damage. (Jake has a variety of secondary, diagnosis) ADHD/Autism/PDD ect.

    so, I am making a poll to see if anyone (without having to ask on the boards) does anyone want ideas for special needs games? or any other ideas, which we can do here or through the pm system.
    Yes, I am interested
    No, I am not interested
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    What a great idea! I'm a special education teacher and would love to help or contribute in any way you think would benefit your project.


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      Please feel free to post anything. I adopted my great nephew and niece, Jake is FASD with brain damage, and he has bi-polar and schizophrenic tendencies. He is constantly moving, literally on the run, hitting his sister 2 year old sister. His long term memory is extraordinary, his short term memory is Swiss cheese. The only info he retains is what interests him. It is very hard to find things that hold his interest, and food that he will eat. He has been in the ECSE program for 2 years (counting this year) They will hold him behind again this year. At REED and IEP meeting he has been changed from special needs to OHI.
      Any advise is always welcome.
      'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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        Special Needs

        Hi TiggerGal

        My son Asher has autism. He was diagnosed originally as severe autism, but with some luck has progressed wonderfully to "moderate" Autism at age 8.

        To hold his interest, we used a LOT of educational videos. Some were obviously for younger kids, but we made quite a few of our own. Does he have a favorite book or character? You could videotape yourself reading it. If he is very visual he'll like it, and you can slip in some educational content once he's used to the format. We also read social stories by videotape for him to watch. Narrowing the input down to a predictable video seems to help him concentrate.

        Hope this helps! Email or pm me any time!
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          Thank you wise one! You are always helping go girl!!
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