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    Anyone have any IC friendly ideas of fun things to do with or for your kids? my daughter is 3 and spends a lot of time reading and playing alone, and watching childrens movies. I want to become a more active playmate and need ideas for someone with IC , fibro/arthritis and PFD as well as the other problems in my signature. I want to start teaching her to read, and she already knows all her letters , numbers, colors, shapes, days of the week. But I want to play physically play. I know I can play things like littlest pet shop ( her favorite toys) and "house". but I am stuck with a heating pad most of the day, we were going for long walks before the weather got freezing. any other ideas for a 3 year old?
    my name is Katie, 22 yr old mother & nursing student. I want to be a writer and midwife.

    I have severe IC w/ hunner ulcers and urethritis with lesions ENDO, chronic pelvic pain, PFD adhesions, scoliosis, arthritis,migraines,asthma chronic pain.

    Mother to a beautiful little girl. She has my heart and she's everything to me. Thinking positive and consciously untensing tense muscles helps a ton!!!! physical therapy also helps a lot.

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    Candyland is a wonderful game for little ones.

    When my kids were pre-school, I put labels on things around the house to help teach reading. Then made flash cards with things like "chair, floor, stove," etc., and we had treasure hunts.

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      One thing I used to do with my children was put shaving cream on the kitchen table so that they could "fingerpaint" in it. You can also add some drops of food coloring in it. I was a nursery school teacher many years ago, so we did lots of those types of activiites. One thing you can do together is for her to dictate stories to you- write them down and then she can illustrate them. Later on you can read the stories together that she wrote and you can create a whole library of her "books". Making collages are also fun- get old magazines, cut out pictures she likes and then she glue them on paper-you can do certain themes- animals, food, etc.


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        Etch a sketch, mega doodle, Mr Potatoe head, countless online games at fisher price dot come. coloring, painting, I spy colors or toys, abc's and 123's. My daughter 2 can now count to 14 and can tell you 8 letters. pretend play making up story's like you say I seen a big brown dog and he was, then they add to it, write it down as you go to make up a story. glow station its pretty cool, light bright.
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          Hi There,

          I have a three year old that LOVES to work with the foam crafts that you can find at Michaels or Joanne's Fabrics. I also went out to get her pipe cleaners and beads. She loves to make bracelets and animals out of the pipe cleaners.

          On bad days we cuddle up together and play go fish, Eric Carle's ABC game, candy land or She loves the games on-line!

          Hope some of this helps!


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            Toddler time

            My little one is really into doing artwork on her easel. When I started my IC journey in May. she would whine and cry for me to get off the couch and out from under the heating pad-
            I'm doing better and now we have this cool ritual(thanks to my therapist-thanks, Dr Carmin) where she joins me in Mommy's Time Out. When I come home we do yoga stretches on the rug for about 10 minutes.
            I never realized that I got even more tensed up when I got home cause I interalized all the "demands' of home. Once I got on the floor I could relax and Vivian could enjoy a happier mommy!
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              My kids liked bingo dabber's in variuos colors, they would make pictures etc with them.

              My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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                Ideas for your 3 year old

                Timberdoodle is an awesome site for homeschooling supplies, and their selection for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers is really top-notch. Check out their "core curriculum" for toddlers. Some of those toys were my saving grace during a difficult pregnancy. Any of their thinking skills games will be a hit. I also love doing yoga with my kids. I made up my own silly names for the poses, (mostly animals) and now it's at the point where I can stay sitting, if I need to, and just cheer them on and call out poses. They also love beanbag games and using a space hopper to bounce down the hall when they want to be active but going to the park is just not possible.

                I find the biggest help is to set up materials and make plans for activities when I'm feeling well, and then hide them away until I really need to be sitting down.

                Good Luck! Hope this helps!
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                I am a Homeschooling mom, Autism advocate, and manager of a busy household of 8.


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                  A good kids activity and one that will help develop the imagination and vocabulary is story telling. Tell a short story from their imagination. This is the best you could do
                  ..Boys & Girls Club of Central Texas