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Bird Buffet

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  • Bird Buffet

    Bird Buffet

    * Heavy string, yarn, or a shoelace
    * Pine cone
    * Pencil or straw
    * Round oat cereal or pretzels
    * Peanut butter
    * Birdseed
    * Stale bread
    * Cookie cutter
    * Popsicle stick


    1. Tie heavy string, yarn, or a shoelace around the top of a pine cone, then knot it, leaving enough string to hang the pine cone. Have your child use a popsicle stick to thoroughly cover the pine cone with peanut butter, then roll it in birdseed.
    2. Have your child cut a shape from slightly stale bread with a cookie cutter. Spread peanut butter on the bread shape, then sprinkle on birdseed. Poke a hole close to the edge of the shape with a pencil or straw. Let the bread dry until it’s hard, then loop string or yarn through the hole and tie it.
    3. Have your child string round oat cereal or pretzels onto heavy string, yarn, or a shoelace. When he’s done, tie the ends together.
    4. Hang the feeder outside near a window where your child can watch the birds eat.
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