not to sure how this one will work with the kids, I know mine would drive me nuts wanting to know every 5 mins if the flowers.

Flower Press

Pressed flowers can be used to decorate a variety of paper items.

* Small flowers (pansies, violets, buttercups, daisies, and so on)
* Newspaper or other absorbent paper
* Heavy book
* Glue
* Plain note cards, note paper, or construction paper
* Clear contact paper


1. Have your child pick an assortment of small flowers. Make sure she picks them when they’re free of rain or dew.
2. Place flowers between sheets of newspaper, making sure the flowers don’t touch each other.
3. Cover the paper with a heavy book.
4. Leave the flowers for a week or so until they’re completely dried.
5. To make stationery, have your child glue the pressed flowers onto plain note cards or note paper.
6. She can also glue the flowers onto construction paper gift tags.
7. To make a collage, have your child glue the flowers onto construction paper.
8. Turn the collage into a placemat by covering it with clear contact paper.