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Can IC cause miscarriage?

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    First of all, I'd like to say to the IC Network.

    I wish I could answer your question --- I have not heard of anyone whose miscarriage was caused by IC. I am not a medical professional and, of course, would not know about everyone who has IC. I encourage you to talk with your doctor as soon as you can and discuss your concerns. Since the Covid era has hit, many doctors will answer questions by phone.

    Sending warm hugs,

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    started a topic Can IC cause miscarriage?

    Can IC cause miscarriage?

    I had a miscarriage exactly one year ago and I always felt like it was related to IC. I had burning and pain in my pelvis from 3 weeks onwards and every time I urinated the pain would get more intense. It never hurt while I was urinating and I never had a UTI.

    I am now 3 days late and think I might be pregnant as I am never even a day late. It took a week to detect last time so I’m just waiting to be sure. I now have exactly the same symptoms, burning and pain and I’m concerned that if I am pregnant that I’m going to have another miscarriage.

    I do have fibroids too which could also be the problem but I have never been told they are an issue and to remove them.

    any feedback would be appreciated, thanks so much.