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Labour or c section

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    My three children were born several years before IC struck so I really can't really respond to your question. Of course there are both positives and negatives to c-sections versus vaginal delivery. Many doctors will not do surgery unless there's no other option. I'm not sure if there is still a limit to how many c-sections are considered "safe" --- I have a family member who was strongly advised to have now more than two (she had an obstruction that made c-section required.

    I suggest you talk with your OB doctor about this --- he/she can help you make a decision. When are you due?

    Warm hugs,

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  • Zigs87
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    Labour or c section


    im looking for advice please from anyone who has gone through childbirth with IC. I have IC and PFD. I struggled with incontinence for years before going the other way and suffering with pain caused by overly tight pelvic floor. I’m concerned about what labour would do to my pelvic floor. Has anyone gone through a natural birth? Am I better asking for a c section?

    thanks x