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    This being my 3rd child, I have been thinking of a more personal birthing experience. I have talked to my OB about who can or cannot be in the delivery room. My husband is allowed and so is my mother or one other person. I would really like for my kids to be involved in this experience. At the time the baby is due the boys will be 10 and almost 9. According to hospital rules, children under 12 cannot be in the labor room. This is a HUGE change in not only my life but theirs too. For 8 years it's just been the two of them and I would like for them to be a part of their new brother/sister coming into this world. Has anyone ever done a home delivery? I would just like to get some additional thoughts on the whole idea. I would hate to make the decision and it get too late in the game to change my mind.

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    I had 4 c-sections, so home birth was not an option. However, working as a respiratory therapist in neonatal intensive care for 23 years, I would be afraid to have a home delivery. I've just seen too much go wrong. Even if they can't be in the room, wouldn't they be allowed to see the baby right after it is born? My daughter had a baby Feb. 11 2003 (Yes, he is almost 1). She had a baby die 7 years ago, so we were all so excited, but I was the only one (besides her husband), allowed in the delivery room. After he was born though, my other daughter (age 20), and my 2 sons (12 and 13), and my husband all came in. Good luck, nothing like a new baby!!!!!


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      I would have loved a home birth but couldn't have one b/c I needed 3 caesareans. I was involved with a Home Birth Support Group when my children were little and know many Mums who were absolutely delighted with their wonderful personalised, empowering, birth experience at home.


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        I worked for years with OB patients and was also an RN in the NICU for years as well. I've always worked with moms, babies, or post op gyn patients.

        The idea of a home birth is a lovely one. You MUST be prepared though and most midwives (HAVE TO BE CERTIFIED RN, CNM) have oxygen on hand, and all the equipment to monitor heart rate, your temperature should you run a fever, etc.

        There ARE risks, and yes there are respiratory risks, but if you have a healthy pregnancy, excellent prenatal care by a MD and the Midwife, then IMHO I think it's safe to try.

        I too have seen the horror stories, the babies that come out screaming and pink that turn blue after 3-4 minutes, etc, but this is the exception, not the norm.

        It depends on how far you are from a hospital, that there is a doctor on call that is familiar with you, etc, many factors.

        It's a personal choice and you have to weigh the odds yourself.

        I know of many home births that were beautiful, and the best experience a family can have.

        The only problem I have is the two younger boys being in the room. The hospitals have an age limit for a reason because it can scare the crap outta the lil guys to see mommy in pain and screaming, blood, etc. Preparation is the key, but you never know for sure how they'll react til it happens. You know your children, and like I said, the choice is yours.

        Whatever your choice, I wish you the best of luck and much happiness and joy. I also with you a safe, happy, joyful delivery with no complications wherever your precious bundle is born.

        Hugs, Sandy

        ps. Its NEVER too late to change your mind if you decide to go to the hospital. You can not be turned away in active labor, thats a law, a federal one I beieve, and I've worked in 3 states and it's always been that way, so honey, if you change your mind when you are in labor and want to rush to the labor rooms, go on and go, it'll be fine and they'll take care of you! Hugs!! And Congratulations. I LOVE babies and sure do miss working with them.