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  • I'm pregnant with questions

    First of all, I'M THRILLED! I couldn't be happier. I found out last night. This was our second month of trying. However, I've been in a nice remission for a bunch of months now so naturally (being pregnant) I'm scared. I would hate to have to be in pain and not be able to take anything for it. It scares me very much. What meds. and pain meds. can I take if I flare? What if I get an infection where vicodin and percs. barely help? What will I do or take? I've been informed by a dr. already that perydium is o.k. but that won't even touch the pain when I have an infection. I'm very nervous. Also, I probably won't be getting any hydros (which is the cause of my great remission)in the near future. I've been having slight burning and pain again. What if it only gets worse and worse from here? I don't know if the pain is being caused from the fact that I'm pregnant or from possibly coming close to being due for another hydro to make me feel better. Either way, I don't want the pain. I'm happy I'm pregnant though, and I know some women have totally awesome pregnancies with i.c. but I fear I may not be one of those women. Well, I guess we'll see, right. Take care. Hugs, Melissa
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    Melissa what great news, congra tulations to you, I know you are thrilled, and I can understand nervous about IC at the same time. Cannot help you with any advice re pregnancy and IC, I know some of the other gals will be a great help to you. Just wanted to congratulate you on your baby news, hugs Iris. baby grouphug
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      hi baby Melissa that is such awesome news. Unfortunately I too can't give you any info as far as pregnancy goes with IC. But I do wish for you to have a wonderful pregnancy. And just wait before you know it your little one will arrive. Keep us posted on your progress. I know it can help others out there who are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant.

      Congratulations!! grouphug baby



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        Congrats!!!! I am pregnant also and unfortunenatly have never had remisson, my IC was out of control when I got pregnant and is staying out of control. Some is my fault do to weird cravings ex: OJ lol Take care I hope you stay well.


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          Hey Melis,

          I am so happy for you! I remember you told me awhile back that you and hubby were trying, must've been last month or so, but anyway that is fantastic news! I hope you have a healthy and pain-free pregnancy.

          Hugs and love to you and baby,
          Jess grouphug baby
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            baby Congratulations! baby

            I'm so happy for you!

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              Well first off, CONGRATS! That is so exciting. As for vicodin during pregnancy, you need to discuss that with your OB doctor. There are certain times in the fetus' development that drugs is a no no.
              Don't think about being in pain at a later date. Stressing like that might just put you there.
              The only thing my uro told me I could have, while pregnant, was a heparin instill. So that would be something to ask about.
              As for your ob, ask for something like phenergan. They will make you drowsy and help with morning sickness as well. It helped me when I was uncomfortable. And could sleep then.
              You'll do great!
              Tons of support,

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                Thanks guys!!! I appreciate everything. YOu guys are great and so supportive.

                "Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it"

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                  Congrats on the new baby! I am just entering my second trimester. I have been one of the fortunate ones that, after the horrendous withdrawls, I seem to be in remission. The meds you take during pregnancy all depend on the doctor and what he agrees/disagrees with. My doctor is very AGAINST any type of medication during pregnancy other than your basic tylenol. Which is very hard to deal with sometimes, but I know he is only looking at the best interest of the baby. I certainly would not want to have to stand by and watch my newborn suffer through the withdrawls that I barely handled. The best thing for you is to ask your Dr what they want to do in your situation.
                  Congrats again and best of luck!

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