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Found out it's a boy

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  • Found out it's a boy

    I had another Ultrasound yesterday and found out that this baby is a boy. This is hubby's first baby and he is out of control now that he knows it's a boy. I have 2 girls from a previous marrriage so this is a welcome change to our home.

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    Yay Stasny!

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      That is great news! That's funny about hubby, it must be fun to watch that. LOL Good luck with the pregnancy (and the hubby!)

      Hugs and love,
      Mommy to 2 crazy, wonderful kids and wife to the most amazing man in the world!


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        Oh that is such great news, I bet husband feels like he has won the lottery, congratulations to you both. Hugs Iris hi baby
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          congrats congrats congrats now we know why your so sick boys cause trouble lmao j/k I am very very happy for you.
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            HOOOOORAYYYYY! Congrats to you & hubby & 2 sister's to be. Great news, hope you are feeling good.
            Kathi baby
            One Day At A Time


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              Congrats. It is so good to read happy posts. I am just catching up from yesterday. I have the energy to do it. I am glad that is a boy. baby
              Hang in there , There is hope.
              There is hope. Prayer works.

              Love, Debbie


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                Congratulations! What wonderful news. With my first daughter, I just knew it was girl, and Ellen was born 8 months later. I am sure much fun awaits for us both.

                Take care and keep us posted about your new addition.



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                  Yeah!!! Have fun shopping in blue!


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                    WOW what wonderful news!!!!
                    thanks for letting us know.
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                      CONGRATS!!!! May all go well with your pregnancy and may you have a very healthy boy. baby baby
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