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IC Remission with Pregnancy

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  • IC Remission with Pregnancy

    Hi guys, just wanted to say that - at 26 weeks pregnant - my IC is almost completely in remission. I still have my moments, but overall I haven't felt this good in years - it's amazing!

    I've seen different statistics on how many of us go into remission during pregnancy - but I was wondering whether anyone knows of any research done on this? It occurs to me that maybe doctors could figure *why* pregnancy lessens the symptoms for some of us (is it hormones?), and use that to develop new treatments.

    Also, I've heard that some women experience a continued remission or lessening of symptoms while breastfeeding - has anyone actually experienced this?

    - Beth.

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    Beth that is so great about your remission!!
    There are some gals on here that had continued remissions while breastfeeding. Maybe they'll post for you.
    I felt good for four more months after my son's birth before I started taking my meds again.
    As for research on pregnancy remissions...haven't heard. There still isn't enough research on meds and pregnancy..but hopefully with funds and all the researches maybe we'll get answers someday.
    Good luck and continue to feel great!
    Hugs! grouphug
    Tons of support,

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      That is great to hear about your remission! I'm wondering how you felt earlier in your pregnancy? I am in my 10th week now and I have been flaring for about a week now. I had been doing great for months b/f and for the first 9 weeks of the pregnancy, but right when my morning sickness really kicked in, my IC really flared. Do you think it could be tied to a surge in hormones? I'm calling my uro today to make sure that I don't have a UTI. I'm actually surviving the flare okay, but I hope it goes away soon! I had forgotten how terrible it could be! Best wishes on a continued remission!



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        That is great news!!!!! I can't wait to see if mine gets better with time during my pregnancy I am 20 weeks now and not had a good day yet with my IC. I'll keep my fingers crossed that this will happen. Thanks for posting this news.


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          Beth, that's great news, I'm glad to hear you're feeling so well. You might want to read Lesa's pregnancy journal to see what she experienced during her pregnancy as well

          Take care! baby

          My story of healing and hope


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            Wow congratulations on your pregnancy and your remission!!! That is such great news. I read Lesa's journal and it is beautiful, it's a great story to read if you are pregnant--or even not pregnant!

            Hugs and love,
            Jess grouphug baby
            Mommy to 2 crazy, wonderful kids and wife to the most amazing man in the world!


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              Beth, I was so glad to read your comments and questions because I had the exact same ones!!! I am 28 weeks pregnant and also experiencing great symptom relief, other then the usual getting up to pee at night with pregnancy!! I asked my obstetrician/gynecologist about it and he said that many auto-immune type diseases sometimes get better with pregnancy, something about the increases in progesterone and estrogen! I thought the same thing as you....hasn't anyone looked into this more!!?? I am wondering the same thing with breast-feeding as well and with the continuation of remission. Hopefully, people will respond and give us somemore insights. Glad to hear you are doing well, good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!



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                I had several bad days towards the beginning of my pregnancy - I really started seeing more symptom relief during my second trimester. In fact, if I remember correctly, my worst days were around the 10 to 12 week timeframe, also when my morning sickness was strongest. So hang in there - here's to hoping you and Leslie get some relief in the next few weeks too!


                It's good to hear from someone else experiencing and wondering the same things. And to think, when I told my urologist that I was pregnant, he told me to expect my symptoms to get worse! I've really got my figers crossed on the whole remission through breastfeeding issue. Not only because I'm enjoying the symptom relief, but because I want to be able to breastfeed without needing my IC meds.

                - Beth.


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                  4 years remission

                  With 1st pregnanacy I went in remission and stayed for 2 years even with minimal breastfeeding. (in 2nd year less then 1 ounce a day!) Then I got pregnant again - continuing remission (even better then first one) and was there for 5 months after delivery- a week before period again - IC was back.
                  So total of 4 years. It just restarted a week ago...I was hoping for another long remission like with the 1st child but I guess I was not that lucky. I had on and off symthoms before but I am pretty sure this time the remission is over.
                  You barely ever hear from me on the forum so that is good to also know - people who are in the remission rarely blog so I am sure there is more like me with long long remissions. I have so called mild IC (mostly urinary issues, no bladder pain urgency and burn mostly) so it is not true that only people with severe IC go trough remissions in pregnancy.


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                    Just a thought...

                    Hi All,

                    Just wanted to post a little word, I am not pregnant nor have been but am a Craniosacral and Visceral Therapist (who works with the whole body including the pelvis ). I just thought I'd add a couple of suggestions- it could definitely be hormones and their influence on the fascia and/or could be influenced by a change of diet resulting in insulin levels being changed which control your hormone levels (i don't think this one would cause it primarily but could add to it) and/or could be the release of the fascia around the area and/or could be the extra blood flow to the uterus and kidneys. With inflammation and disease comes fascial adhesions and when these are stretched this could provide significant release and relief! On the other hand it could also exacerbate the symptoms (sorry to those that it has :<) depending on your unique body and what is the underlying cause of the problem.

                    Anyways just thought i'd share.

                    Thanks and warm regards, Zoe


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                      A little update - maybe the remission is not yet completely over...after 2 not create weeks my first period started and within a week I am pretty good again. So breastfeeding is def helpful.