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Pregnant and need meds!

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  • Pregnant and need meds!

    Hi I just found out after nine years of trying that I am pregnant. I am nervous though because I am very concerned about getting off of the meds. I know about bladder instills and I will do them but I am on enablex and it helps so much. Does anyone have any ideas about what other meds can be taken I need help with this urgency.

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    Check with your Dr.

    First and formost, discuss this with your doctors. Make sure that the OB and your Urologist know what's going on with each other (you want to make sure everyone is on the same page).

    If you want to do your own research as to what pregnancy categories various meds are in - you can check or However, you can really only use the sites to discuss the info with your various doctors. Different OBs allow different things. Some may allow certain meds, but not others. Some OBs will ask you to stop ALL meds. It really depends on the Dr.

    It may also help to have a discussion with an OB who specializes in high risk cases. They may have a different take on what may be safe and in what amounts.

    On one of the pages in this forum, Jill has a link to an article that discusses IC meds and pregnancy. You may want to print that out and take it to your appointment to discuss. Sometimes Drs wont set the first prenatal appointment until you are 8-10 weeks along. Let the staff at the office know that you need an earlier appointment to discuss med options - and don't let them blow you off with "don't take any." Tell them you want to discuss it with the OB.

    I am going through similar issues, so I feel for you. What I did was, when I was planning on TTC, I took a list of my meds in with their preg category and asked, "if this is a category C, is there something similar that is a B med? Is there anything I can substitute?" We eliminated 3 meds altogether, and got eveything else switched to Bs.

    In the mean time... Congratulations and Good Luck!!!
    Hope this helps.
    Dx: 3/05
    Symptoms: Pain, urgency, frequency, insomnia

    Treatments: Neurontin, Ultram, Elmiron, Detrol LA, Ambien/Sonata, Prilosec/Prevacid (for GERD), brisk walks, cold packs, hot pads, meditation.


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      That is wonderful. You give me hope on my ttc. We have been trying for over a year now.
      I have heard and read that alot of women go in remission while they are pregnant. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones.

      Best wishes,
      With God all things are possible...............

      I.C. Diagnosed Aug 2005
      Recurrent UTI's
      Hx of Kidney Stones

      Elmiron 100 mg 2 x's day(stopped again for hair loss)
      Aviod certain foods/drink
      Drink lots and lots of water
      Birth Control pill to stop ovulation flares
      Cystex as needed
      Tbs of pure honey

      Matthew born 4/5/09 Our Miracle baby


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        Congratulations! Yes, definitely talk to your ob/gyn. I believe Elmiron is class B, in other words, it MIGHT be safe to take and some women have chosen to take it during pregnancy. Pyridium, is now class B as well (as I found out when I was pregnant last fall) but it's not likely something you would want to take long term. Tums is perfectly safe and can help the burning feeling.

        Hopefully, you'll be one of the lucky ones that goes into remission!

        Good luck!


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          Yes, call your MD and talk it out. Look at the risk benefit to what you are taking and waht you need to take to keep your IC in check you so can have a healthy pregnancy. You can PM me if you want, just had my first MD visit (though very early- was my pap but newly prego) and got my questions answered. I did a visit with her ages ago to get a plan in place so it has been easier.

          I am blessed to have an Indiana Pouch now
          IC since childhood, finally diagnosed at 31 yo
          PFD/Pelvic Pain,SI joint and LBP
          Low Back Pain s/p spinal fusion at 19 with more nastiness in back
          Hydrodistension 2001, 2005, 2011 w capsacian, 2011 with botox/ super pubic tube
          Interstim trial and removel 2002,C-Section 2007 and 2010, Post Partum Depression, post partum hypertension, Idopathic hypothalmic amenorrhea
          Radical Cystectomy with Indiana Pouch 2/3/12--->multiple complications and revision of ureters in pouch due to a giant ball of scar tissue in 8/12, occasional pylo, L kidney small and scarred, low flow
          Hysterectomy 2/3/12 w one ovary removed
          Dry Eyes
          L radical nephrectomy 1//3/14 after a long "what if " the conversation, kidney working 4 %, path said full of absesses
          Still have issues, still take meds.

          I have worked some, been doing pilates, just got a post masters in nursing, learning to pace myself.
          Learning things I can't do, learning things that I need to take a LONG time to master and regain myself, but mostly just so happy to be bladder free.:


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            I was originally told that Pyridium was ok to take during pregnancy but today I was told by a different doctor in the office that I should not take it. I rarely need it but today has been a bad day and I took one and I will probably need another soon since my urethra is screaming. I have not yet seen my "doctor" since the practice I go to has you see the nurse, then nurse practioner first. Has anyone used pyridium during pregnancy? ANy complications?

            After a very long journey with infertility I am expecting twins in October! :woohoo:


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              *For anyone who is pregnant and interested, I bought a bunch of tights off of Ebay that are maternity. They are regularly over $10, but I'll take an offer for them. There are 25 pairs. PM me if interested. They might even work for non-pregnant women as the belly expands and contracts and it might work well for ICers. I thought they'd work for me but they're all too small for me. *