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Any safe alternative during pregnancy?

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  • Any safe alternative during pregnancy?

    Hello everyone!

    do you know if Tums for heartburn relief is safe to use during pregnancy? what else can be use during these wonderful 9 months to relieve an IC flare up?
    I would love to hear about your tips, as medicines can be unsafe for the unborn baby. Thank you very much!

    God bless you all


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    The biggest thing would be to talk to your doctor. Some will allow some meds. Others will not allow any. It really depends on you and your doctor.

    I believe (though I am not a doctor so please check!) that Tums in normal doses are considered OK. Even if you just call the OBs office and leave a message with the nurse... they can call you back and let you know what is generally considered safe.

    Because I have GERD in addition to IC, my doctor OK'd me to stay on Prevacid for my pregnancy as it is category B and my heartburn is bad enough that going complete unmedicated was NOT an option. It was actually one of my first pregnancy symptoms... my prevacid no longer lasted a full 24 hours with out tums for back up.

    Congratulations on being pregnant!
    Dx: 3/05
    Symptoms: Pain, urgency, frequency, insomnia

    Treatments: Neurontin, Ultram, Elmiron, Detrol LA, Ambien/Sonata, Prilosec/Prevacid (for GERD), brisk walks, cold packs, hot pads, meditation.


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      Tums are absolutely safe. I ate the maximum allowed dose practically everyday in my last trimestser. For IC symptoms, you can also try a small glass (4 oz) of baking soda with a teaspoon of baking soda (old home remedy.) But try not to drink too much more water or you can set off a flare.


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        Tums are safe, but not more than 10 a day. I have GERD too so I'm taking Protonix twice a day which bairly takes the edge off the burning pain. I have three more months to go, can't wait! I have to say my IC pain has been non existant, starting in the second trimester. I got through the sugar test without a flare. I'm so happy. If I could just be 5 mos pregnant all the time and not have any IC flares...
        "You can stand me up at the gates of Hell, but I Won't Back Down."
        -Tom Petty


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          i take zantac once a helps but dosnt totally take it away!
          wife to Jeremy
          mom to Emma (3-8-05)
          and Natalie (7-23-07)

          Meds i'm currently taking:
          Lortab as needed for pain

          Meds that did not help:
          Detrol LA
          Lexapro (caused urgency)
          Amatryptaline 10mg once a day (helped IC but made me feel like CRAP)


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            I have a 5 moth old and my doctor said it was safe to take Elmiron during my pregnancy. I took it the whole time and I am still taking it while I am nursing.