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Pregnant 31 weeks: HELP! -flare won't stop

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    Re: Pregnant 31 weeks: HELP! -flare won't stop

    This is really old you guys I know but obviously you have all had your babies since this post so im begging you to tell me if you felt better after delivery im 17 weeks pregnant and have been litterally miserable for jisy a few days short of two months please tell me what happend after delivery !!


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      Re: Pregnant 31 weeks: HELP! -flare won't stop

      Originally posted by Kporter655 View Post
      This is really old you guys I know but obviously you have all had your babies since this post so im begging you to tell me if you felt better after delivery im 17 weeks pregnant and have been litterally miserable for jisy a few days short of two months please tell me what happend after delivery !!
      Congrats on your pregnancy! I did eventually get better but not right after delivery, but that doesn't mean you won't. It took about 3 whole months to get my IC under control and I believe that was as a combination of not being pregnant anymore, plus finding the right combo of meds. I feel your pain because I was utterly and completely miserable my entire pregnancy. Maybe even more afterwards and it killed me because I wanted so much to enjoy my beautiful new snuggly baby and it was hard still dealing with the symptoms. I still feel really guilty because I stopped breastfeeding after 3 months in order to try different meds to get better. But, it was important for me to get better for my baby and my family. Are you taking any meds now? I found relief from taking amitriptyline at a low dose (my OB ok'd this) and I started back on elmiron. Amitriptyline is considered a class C drug, but my OB said the benefit outweighed the risks. My baby was born perfectly healthy, so I strongly advise you to ask you doctor about that drug. Hope you feel better soon and pray you find some relief so you're able to enjoy your pregnancy.
      Symptoms: urgency, frequency, difficulty urinating, weak and hesitant stream.
      Suffered with IC since 2000 with mainly frequency, officially diagnosed in 2008. Started elmiron once diagnosed until remission for a blissful 5 years.
      I've always considered my IC mild and manageable until remission ended on 12/26/12. Symptoms returned while 10 weeks pregnant with spasms that caused difficulty emptying bladder and urgency. Had ok days and BAD days entire pregnancy. My symptoms seem to be under control as long as I take my meds everyday.

      Current meds:
      Elmiron: 400mg
      Amitriptyline 45 mg
      Flomax .4 mg
      Valium suppositories ( as needed)
      Glucosamine supplement


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        Re: Pregnant 31 weeks: HELP! -flare won't stop

        Thank you for your reply the only thing the doctors have given me is a muscle relaxer and Vicodin but I'm not in pain really so I don't take them it's just the pressure and the need to pee constantly that is exhausting me mentally and physically I so badly just want to enjoy my life and my kids and husband!! Do you feel like it took you longer to get better because you were breast feeding for a couple months becuase that keeps your hormones up a bit ?? Do you feel like after you stopped breast feeding and the hormones calmed down you got better ?? I feel like mine is strictly hormone becuase the only other time this has happend to me was when I got the depo birth control shot and it stopped my periods it contains some of the same hormones as pregnancy ??? So I'm just praying that after delivery when my hormones start calming down my body will calm down ?? I really wanted to breast feed but what I have been reading is that it takes much longer to start your period if you are breast feeding and I really feel like my body freaks out when I don't have a period but I don't know what do you think ??


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          Re: Pregnant 31 weeks: HELP! -flare won't stop

          You might want to give the muscle relaxer a try to see if it helps. If you're having bladder spasms, and it sounds like a possibility, that may help.

          Stay safe

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            Re: Pregnant 31 weeks: HELP! -flare won't stop

            I have been taking them I really don't feel they make a difference they are also supposed to make you tire so I take one at night but it didn't help me even sleep im uo evey two hours I just want to have my life back I want to feel real joy and I don't not eve for a little bit I just don't understand why this just won't leave me alone


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              Re: Pregnant 31 weeks: HELP! -flare won't stop

              hello, i am currently 30 weeks pregnant and have never had any bladder problems prior to pregnancy but i have recently been told i could possibly have IC. I have pain when my bladder is full, pain urinating, and bad bladder spasms after urination. is there any ways to cope? pyridium does not help me. i have been in constant pain for over a month now. i try my best to follow the ic diet and it does not seem to make a difference for me.


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                Re: Pregnant 31 weeks: HELP! -flare won't stop

                Hello, I know your pain and I am sorry!!! Ask your doctor about oxycodone without the added Tylenol or ibuprofen. Tylenol & ibuprofen send my bladder into a frenzy, it may be why Vicodin bothered you so much. I wish you well!!

                Originally posted by bunni29 View Post
                Dear Friends:

                I really could use some advice and help with you that have IC and did NOT go into remission. I have NOT gone into remission at all

                I am 31 weeks pregnant with my first.. a little girl.........and I've had a horrible horrible pregnancy with my IC. The frequency and pressure is out of control and feels like someone is just squeezing and stabbing my bladder.

                I have not taken any vitamins and have followed the IC diet and NOTHING IS HELPING

                The first trimester was absolutely terrible, as I went off my Vistaril, which was helping my bladder pressure and frequency for two years.......

                The second trimester was not much better.........and now in my third it's out of control......

                For the last 7 months I have gotten NO SLEEP I'm up every 15 minutes going the bathroom with pressure and frequency and have been in tears.

                I'm so sad that I was chosen to go through this problem and that I can't enjoy my's just not fair.

                I see a high risk OB since they also found a fibroid that is also sitting on my bladder as well..

                The high risk OB wants me to try a pain medicine / narcotic called Ultram and I'm so so scared, to try I don't want to harm the baby.

                My regular ob gave me Vicoden to try and I tried just half and it flared up my bladder even worse, so I stopped.

                I'm scared try the Ultram that the High Risk dr. gave me, he assures me it won't hurt the baby.. but, how can anyone be 100% sure???

                I'm at my wits ends as the pressure and frequency is sooooooo bad I can't handle feels like someone is stabbing and squeezing my bladder nonstop...........

                I'm sooooooooo sad that I have this problem and can't enjoy the special blessing that is coming

                Please - if any of you out there have had a rough IC pregnancy and was on meds that helped you with the pressure and frequency can you please email me and give me some advice.......

                any advice on pain medicine or any medicine to help this horrible frequency and pressure feeling AND SAFE TO TAKE DURING PREGNANCY , please please let me know

                Austin, TEXAS