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Pregnant and on vesicare. Advice needed please

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  • meResque
    I don't know about vesicare, but my uro made me stop amitriptyline for the duration of my pregnancy.

    Everything I've read says cramps are totally normal so don't worry about that. I'm currently suffering some bladder/urethra pain because I tried to see if a vitamin would work for me while pregnant- NO! I'll just stay on my folic acid, and hope for the best.

    AND CONGRATULATIONS!!! I just read that somewhere around 80% of IC'ers go into remissions when pregnant, so I'm totally hopeful! Those are pretty good odds!

    Edited to add.... I just did a quick google search and see that Vesicare is a Category C drug- it has been shown to reduce survival, cause low fetal weight, and increase the risk of cleft palate in mice. I would personally not feel comfortable taking it- my uro is ok with staying on Elmiron, and having rescue instillations, if needed.

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  • lele1981
    started a topic Pregnant and on vesicare. Advice needed please

    Pregnant and on vesicare. Advice needed please


    Just found out I'm 5 weeks pregnant. Normally on vescicare for frequency, amitriptyline and co-codomol for pain. My uro and gp don't seem to know much about vesicare in pregnancy, they picked the drug for me whilst Ttc based on the fact that there had been no human research.

    I missed my vesicare dose the other day due to the shock of finding out I was pregnant and have only taken amitriptyline since. However now not only do I have abdo cramps which I pray are normal in pregnancy but I have bad bladder pain and frequency too!

    Has anyone taken vesicare successfully during pregnancy or has any advice about here I can get info. I'm pretty sore and worried about the effects IC has in pregnancy. X