I have had this problem a while back before I was pregnant, but then it stopped. When my husband and I have sex it feels good at first (we are talking minutes) but after that it begins to feel almost excruciatingly awful. It feels like my husbad is having sex with my bladder, it burns and just feels so uncomfortable and burningly painful. I keep hoping that next time it will stop, but it continues. I always make sure to urinate right before sex or it can make it worse. I am not currently on any medicines for the IC. I previously took Elmiron, but I haven't been on it for a while as the symptoms got better. I am currenly 13 weeks pregnant. I don't have IC pain any other time. I don't have an infection, as I was just at the doctor for a checkup yesterday. Does anyone know if the Elmiron might would help this sort of pain and how long it would take to start working. My ob knows about my IC, but she knows I am not taking anything for it right now. I would definately call and ask for the ok to take it if anyone thinks it might help.