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I cant stop going to the loo

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  • I cant stop going to the loo

    Hi Ladies,

    Im 18 weeks pregnant and i am going to the loo every half an hour to pee. It doesnt hurt to go but i have constant bladder pain & pressure

    I was on vesicare and amitriptyline for pain and frequency but stopped when i found out i was pregnant.

    Any suggestions or experiences that might help me. Im due to see my uro in a week but they werent too helpful when i was ttc and didnt think to tell me about some of the bad side effects that taking vesicare while pregnant had.

    if im like this at 18 weeks i have no idea how i will cope when the baby is big enough to use my bladder as a trampoline!!!

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    Does AZO help you any?
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      I have had a look on the internet about AZO as im from the UK and cant get it over the counter and hadnt heard of it. If its safe in pregnancy i will definately ask my uro or my regular doctor if i can try it out it sounds like it might help the frequency a bit. The pain i will happily suffer for my little one but the constant trips to the loo isnt very practical especially at work.

      Thank you for the suggestion. Im not sure if feeling pain/frequency is normal in pregnant women with IC at 18 weeks, i assumed it would be further on when baby is bigger.


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        I always took marshmallow root while pregnant, still do. Im 30 weeks now. I have never had any issues w/ it. it is safe and I took while nursing my last 2 as well, since it helps increase milk supply when nursing. i told my dr and he said it was fine he never saw anything saying otherwise in his research. It helps me tremendously w/ the IC flares and burning. The frequency now is probably due to the baby getting bigger and pushing down, but at least that may help w/ the pain part. I take 2 whenever I need to but I use natures sunshine since it is the only kind I think doesnt have any added junk in it. I buy mine from You can research it and then ask your dr, good luck and things will get better. With pregnancy and IC I hear a lot of women come and go in remission throughout the whole time. My worst times were during the end of the first trimester and around the beginning to middle of second and then I was fine the rest of the time. This is my 2nd pregnancy w/ severe IC, although I find a great deal of help w/ alternative treatments, but thats just me.Congrats.
        Mrs. Ridings

        I was on...
        Loestrin 24(to prevent period induced flares)
        Elmiron since Feb.'07 for a year and half
        Atenolol for Migraines(caused by elmiron) since June '07(Had to have the amount doubled)
        Tried Prevacid didn't work.
        Tried Axert for migraines didn't work.
        Tried Frova for migraines made worse.
        Atarax Feb.'07-Feb'08
        Used to take IBS meds of all kinds, now I use Yerba Mate guayaki drinks, eating lots of fiber and flax seed, and taking probiotics and added magnesium. My probiotics help w/ flares too.

        Now for the occasional flare related to stress, I take probiotic eleven and marshmallow root and it will make it stop and Im fine again. Otherwise I dont have many problems w/ my severe IC like I used to.Thank God!

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          I just had a baby in Jan of this year, and I took pyridium the whole time. Pyridium is the same as AZO, only the prescription version. Both my regular OB and high risk OB confirmed that it was safe to take, and it helped me a TON! I know you probably saw the Uro a couple weeks ago. What did he end up putting you on? My OB mainly prescribed me the bladder drugs during my pregnancy. He was familiar with IC and for the most part knew how to handle it.
          Dx with IC 3/2009 - Cysto w/Hydro
          Meds: Elmiron (400mg), Atarax (10mg), Elavil (20mg), Pyridium (as needed)