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Valkay18 or any ladies who suffered uterine contractions during pregnancy

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  • Valkay18 or any ladies who suffered uterine contractions during pregnancy


    Valkay18 I notice you posted on another ladies thread and I didn't like to crash but I have a question about what you said about uterine contractions. (I hope you don't mind me contacting you in this way).

    I'm 24 weeks pregnant with no 1 and have been off my IC meds since finding out I was pregnant. I was on a drug called vesicare for frequency which the risks in pregnancy are unknown but after researching i found that the poor mice it was tested on either had still borns or deformed babies . I also took amitriptyline nightly and codeine as needed for pain.

    My problem is since 20 weeks I started having what I thought was braxton hicks but I get them sometimes 6-10 times hourly they aren't painful as such but cause me discomfort and cause me difficulty in moving. I'm currently signed off work (ive basically been living on the sofa as chores are difgicult) due to these and am awaiting to see my ob as my midwife doesn't seem to concerned providing it's not causing any problems with my cervix.

    Now baby is getting bigger and I'm feeling the kicks I'm finding the bladder ones especially painful and it causes my uterus to contract. I'm wondering if there is a connection and I just didn't realise before as baby was too small?

    If your situation was similar or any IC ladies with similar problems have any advice I'd be greatly appreciated.

    Just to add I seen my uro in may and she's pregnant also, she refused to start any meds except the codiene as I'd been coping ok up until that point with the odd flare and frequency.

    Thanks for reading.

    Leanne x