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well Gallbladder had to come out.. OT TMI OUCH!

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  • well Gallbladder had to come out.. OT TMI OUCH!

    Kinda off topic but I thought I'd share with you all.
    I am 28 weeks pregnant as of today lol I had surgery on Monday the 20th, at 2 pm was supposed to leave that evening but I went into preterm labor and had to be monitored over night, my pain was excrutiating and I had to have IV drugs along with the pain pills over night. the first day home was the worst. I couldnt fart or poop, or pee I was in so much pain I could cry, but I just took my meds and the nausea meds and would crash out for hours. It didn't start really getting better until yesterday, I still cant breathe in deep very well and I make a weird noise when I do cuz it hurts so bad lol I had 2 huge stones and a million teeny ones I wanted to take them home but I forgot to ask.. I was told that I had a stone blocking my duct and was starting to get infection doc thinks it was probably there for like 3 weeks so it was good I chose the elective surgery when I did. I just pray I made the right decision and my son will be OK in the end. So far so good and everyday that he kicks it makes me believe I made the right decision... recovery has been tough thus far and I attribute most of it to the pregnancy. I have a really hard time sleeping and am not supposed to sleep on my back because of baby. I've started to try and prop myself up and sleep on my side but it hurts and alot of times I feel like I can not breathe. I really cant wait until I am fully recovered!! lol but my son will almost be here by then I think! I have been able to eat alot more then before.. I feel like I can not get full and then I eat so much I end up in pain.. I found that if you eat too much it hurts your back like a gallstone attack :-( so now I am trying to watch what I eat.. but its really hard when I did that for 2 months already because of my gallstone attacks!! Anyways I wish everyone who got the surgery a happy healthy recovery!

    Sucks to have delt with gallstone attacks for so long in my pregnancy along with my bladder problems.. I stopped the Instills and refuse to be cath'd. I am on strike.. and upset with the treatment I've received for the care of my bladder.. LOL This surgery has not affected me too much down there.. with the exception of my severe retention after anesthesia.

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    Were they able to do the tiny incisions to remove the gallbladder? I had mine out with laparoscopic surgery and was back at work in eleven days. I have to admit the first week back wasn't easy, but the surgical pain was gone. I hope you do well.

    Sending gentle hugs,
    Stay safe

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      I sorry you had togo through this but much better to have it removed after it was too infected, it could have been much worse.

      Wishing you a speedy recovery.


      My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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        Hey Guys! I am 6 weeks pregnant and am already in excruciating pain! Dont know what to do!


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          You posted on a gall bladder removal thread, have you been told it's your gall bladder? Or has your IC pain increased.

          My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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            My mom had her galbladder out when she was pregnant with my brother in 1983. He was 8lbs 3oz and very healthy! This was before laproscopic surgery. Im glad everything went well and that you are home. Good luck to ya!
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