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IC Safe and Baby safe Antibiotics- 37 weeks pregnant

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    I responded to this post on the antibiotic board.


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  • IC Safe and Baby safe Antibiotics- 37 weeks pregnant

    Hi all,
    I'm currently 37 weeks pregnant (like Brandywine). My IC has been under control for most of my pregnancy but now given that the baby's head is lower in my pelvis I have been getting very sharp bladder pain with only tiny amounts of urine. I'm trying to drink a lot and keep things flushed out and it seems to be working so far.
    My problem is though that I tested positive for a bacteria called Group B Strep (GBS). I think about 20-40% of women carry this bacteria in their intestines/vagina and it normally causes no problems. It can however be transferred to the baby during delivery and make the baby very sick. It is recommended that I go on an IV drip of antibiotics just before and during labour. I have allergies to penicillin (causes breathing trouble for me) so my doctor needs to find an alternative that I won't react to. I also need to find one that is safe for the baby and of course one that won't flare up my IC. I know that in the past I have used Erythromycin and it flares up my IC so that is out. I have a sneeky feeling that I have used Macrobid in the past and been okay. Is Macrobid an IC safe antibiotic? It it Macrodantin that is not safe? If anybody here could give me a list of the IC safe antibiotics I would greatly appreciate it. Maybe Donna would know? At least if I know it is IC safe, I can speak with my doctor and see whether it would effectively kill of the GBS and not harm my baby.
    Sorry that this is so long and thanks for taking the time to read it! I appreciate any replies that I get. I will post this on the antibiotic board as well.