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Preggo meds OK?

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  • Preggo meds OK?

    I'm in the first trimester and am curious which drugs other Preggo's have taken ...
    Ditropan is category B, so should be OK. Also my uro told me that I could still do the bladder instillations as long as I didn't use the Kenalog. I could still use the heparin and lidocaine.

    Diagnosed April of 2008 after forceps delivery of first baby

    Current Meds:
    Elmiron 100mg tid
    Cymbalta 80mg q day
    Enablex 15mg q day

    PRN (as needed):
    heparin and lidocaine cocktail in bladder

    What works:
    IC diet and avoiding trigger foods
    sitting on a tennis ball (I know weird!)

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    I was told bladder instillations are safe. (though I don't get them due to fear of catheters) My typical medicines for bladder spasms were discontinued during my pregnancy, my doctors did not feel they were safe. My normal treatment for pain control are caudal nerve blocks with sarapin, these are not safe to get during the first trimester because of the steroids and I had to get my last one, 1 month before getting pregnant to give the steroids time to get out of my body.

    Sarapin is approved by the FDA but it is a grandfathered medication. It existed before the FDA so it was granted approval without testing. That means they literally have no idea if it is or is not pregnancy safe. However, after looking over the medication research that is available on it and the fact that it is a natural plant extract from the pitcher-plant and not a chemical, my OBGYN and pain specialist both felt it would be safe to continue my nerve blocks once I was in my second trimester. I just had one done last week and will need another in about 3-4 months. I wish I could say we knew 100% it was safe, but we do not. But without my nerve blocks I would not be able to stand the pain so it is an educated and calculated risk vs reward.

    As far as my pain killers go, I was advised to avoid all medications during the first trimester with the exception of tylenol. My OB and pain specialist both agree that of narcotic pain killers, Tylenol 3 and 4 are about as safe as you can expect a narcotic to be during pregnancy. One big thing to be aware of though is that your baby can be born addicted to the narcotics if you use them and will need to be weened off the drugs just like any other drug addict would be. This can be done before birth though if you can refrain from using them during that time period.


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      I had to take pyridium during my pregnancy (in the 3rd trimester) because my IC pain got really bad. My high risk OB and my regular OB both told me that it was fine, and that there are no known birth defects caused by pyridium. It's a category B, and according to them has been prescribed during pregnancy for years. (Pregnant women seem to get UTI's a lot. So, that would make sense to me.) Of course, you would only want to take this if your doc agrees and gives you an Rx. I also had to take prevacid because my acid reflux was so severe that it felt like I was having a heart attack! Wish I didn't have to take this, but my baby was born on Jan 5th, and is just fine! My cousin is pregnant right now and is also taking Prevacid for the same reasons as me.

      Anyway, hope you are doing ok!!! Pregnancy with IC is tough!!
      Dx with IC 3/2009 - Cysto w/Hydro
      Meds: Elmiron (400mg), Atarax (10mg), Elavil (20mg), Pyridium (as needed)


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        I am currently in the process of coming of all meds to get pregnant and it is rough. How did u ladies handle it? The most dangerous drug I was on was Gabapentin and I am in process of reducing and ceaseing using this one. Only 5 weeks to go. I am staying on one other medication as I won't b able to function or fall pregnant without it. I have a number of high risk OB and they are happy for me to stay on one narcotic. It was a very heard decision for me but unfortualtey I had to accept without this medication I wouldn't b able to function and the OB is very concerned about the stress of severe pain and it's effect on the unborn baby. The OB has advised that the only possible outcome is slight fetal withdrawal although she has assured me that this is highly unlikely but easily managed if it occurs. I would never put my unborn baby at risk and definaltely haven't made this decision lightly. There has been many discussions, tears and reseaerch.

        Did u ladies come off all your medication??? Any adivce would b great as I am terrified.

        Thanks listening


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          I came off every bit of my medication except my nerve blocks. I was told that my Tylenol 4 was "safe" (meaning as safe as you can be with a narcotic in pregnancy) to take if I absolutely needed to but as of now at week 18 I have managed to not take it. Without my nerve blocks, I definitely could not be medication free. There is not a doubt in my mind about that. I definitely can not say I am pain free, but I am living with a bearable level of it for the safety and well being of the baby.

          You are making a very wise choice to come of your meds before trying to get pregnant in my opinion. Mainly because it will give you the chance to see what you are possibly going to be living with for the 9 months of pregnancy and allow you to adjust and figure out coping mechanisms and/or safe treatment alternatives! I did this as well and was medication free for about 2-3 months before my pregnancy so I would know if it was something I could cope with. Doing this gave me more confidence going into my pregnancy which has really lowered my stress and anxiety levels! Hopefully doing this will give you the same peace of mind heading into your pregnancy that it gave me.


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            Hi Jadia

            Thank u so much for replying u have no idea how much yr message helped me. I have just had an installations and in 3 weeks I will b off my meds and we can start trying a little while after that. I had an appointment with my Uro this week and he has found an installation that is safe during pregnancy which is wonderful. I am going to try it in 4 weeks to c how we go as don't want to have reaction whilst I am pregnant.

            Jadia, I have never head of nerve blocks being used before, are they medicine? Does your doctor do them? If u have info that would b really helpful. Thanks so much some days I just want to give up but yr message really helped.

            I hope your pregnancy is going well and your IC is staying under control.

            Thank u again yr kindness and advice it helped me very much


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              Nerve blocks are medication that is injected into the spinal nerves like an epidural (but the medicine is left, needle is taken out ) I have a whole write up about the type I get and what is done etc that you are welcome to look at here! It's the very last post on page 3.

              I hope it works out for you and I know being prepared will help the stress and anxiety you will feel going through it. I will be at 20 weeks this Tuesday so over half way there and though I still have symptoms and occasionally some pain it is no where near as bad as I know it could be!