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Warning about cervidil in labor!

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  • Warning about cervidil in labor!

    Hi everyone I haven't been online here in a long time. I gave birth to my second child on July 8 (a boy!) and have been quite busy since then. I was a failed induction with cervidil and pitocin for a long 24 hours before they finally just broke my water and then I delivered an hour later.. go figure. Anyway.. I just wanted to warn everyone about a possible reaction/sensitivity to cervidil. It's a prostaglandin gel they apply to your cervix by way of a tampon like string. Within 20 mins of inserting the string I felt raw inside. Whenever I stood up I had the most intense pressure in my labia like there were weights hanging down or something.. it was so weird. The nurses kept telling me perhaps it was all the fluids I was receiving but I just had a feeling it was the cervidil. I had the nurse give me an ice pack to put in my underwear it was so bad. I should have asked them to remove it. Several hours later they finally took it out and I felt better within an hour but every vaginal exam afterwards felt like knives going up inside me. I did NOT have this issue with my labor with my daughter. I still felt raw to the touch for several weeks after he was born and now when I eat a bad food I feel the same type of rawness in a new area.. it's just different. Not so much in my urethra now as it used to be. I just thought I'd warn you all to please be cautious with this drug if you have to be induced. I was induced with my daughter and they used cytotec which is just a pill they put up inside you. I had no issues with that at all and it is a very similar drug. So it's possible the cervidil irriated me because of the string.. it's hard to say. Just thought I'd let all you mamas know! The good news is the catheter didn't bug me one bit. I asked for a pediatric sized one and had no issues with it!
    The combo of things that brought me out of remission were artificial sweetners, liquid vitamins with citric acid, tight pants, lower body workouts and stopping all my allergy meds cold turkey during height of allergy season. I wish I knew back then what I know now about IC
    First IC symptoms Spring of 2000; In-office cystoscopy 2002 -negative; Remission until 2007 (yeah!!); Negative PST spring of 2007; IC diagnosed via Cystoscopy and Hydrodistention 7/24/07; Another In-office cystoscopy 4/9/10 with biopsy showed inflammation
    Treatments for my IC/PFD: Elmiron 400 mg per day; walking, Zyrtec, Claritin, Singulair, Neurontin 100 mg per day; Ice packs and laying down; About to try Cytotec
    Tried and Failed: Heat (always makes me worse!), Heparin instills -too painful for my urethra; Atarax (interfered with my quality of sleep first time, second time dried my bladder out; Elavil makes me sick, lidocaine patches (just plain don't work), Cystoprotek (only tried a couple months but didn't seem to do much), Aloe Vera caps, pelvic floor therapy, trigger point work flared me worse, Lyrica (bad stomach pain)
    Other Diagnoses: PFD 2009; Fibromyalgia 2006, Osteopenia 2012, GERD 2006, Gastroparesis (delayed gastric emptying) Anxiety: Other medications: Ambien, Dexilant, Ibuprofren, Necon 1/35, Voltaren gel for tailbone
    BABY GIRL 10/28/08 *** BABY BOY 7/8/11

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    Hello! Congrats on the baby boy!! My husband and I are planning on trying to start a family very soon and I was wondering which prenatal vitamin that you took? Most vitamins bother my bladder : ( . I am pretty sure that the Vitamin C is what bothers me. Hope to hear from you soon!
    Diagnosed with IC 3/2011
    Diagnosed with IBS 1/2004
    Diagnosed with endometriosis 11/2000