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IC and Pregnant : How I Cope

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  • IC and Pregnant : How I Cope

    Note: I'm not asking for advice. I'm posting to let others know of my experience and how I've been handling my IC so it might help someone.

    I posted a while back about being pregnant with IC and how thanks to hormonal triggers I've depended on AZO the entire time.. That's still true. As long as I take care of myself I feel mostly normal while using the AZO. It's a group effort. Without one or the other I would still be fully symptomatic. Some days I'm depending on 3 doses of AZO a day now, as the baby spends a lot more time on my bladder/kicking it, and I get constipated more often. (I just started the third trimester)
    It's been suggested that I change my diet but even before I was pregnant I had basically imitated the IC diet when a dr was in the process of diagnosing me (elimination diet) and it made no difference on my symptoms (with the exception of cutting out alcohol and energy drinks). What DOES matter for me and my symptoms are pressure, hydration, and general hormones.

    How I control my IC while pregnant:
    I don't have a job/don't work. As such, I can wear loose maternity pajama pants all day that put NO PRESSURE on my bladder. The pajamas I wear are labeled "Bow Detail Maternity Sleep Pants- Solids" from the A Pea in The Pod website. They are $38.00 each. Thin material, very stretchy, and hair sticks to them like nobodies business.. But they're comfortable and that's what matters. I live in these all day every day, unless I go out in public. You will need to wash them every 2-3 days as the material stretches out and will then slip under your bump instead of staying up top. I have 2 pairs I switch between.
    I'm growing out of them, but Cotton Whisper brand underbump maternity panties were also very helpful as they're so low they don't put any pressure on your bladder and only your upper pelvic area. They're also 95% cotton.
    Very important is constipation. Even though the first trimester ended and I lost most of my food aversions, I still struggle with my diet as what I want/can eat changes at least weekly. If I eat something I didn't want, I'll continue to have cravings and eat way more to compensate, or I'll get heartburn. One thing I've been completely unable to even consider are most green veggies. I've been getting fiber to make up for this with a glass of green smoothie every single morning. I buy Naked brand "Green Machine" smoothie for my veggie/fiber intake. The dr approved this. Until 2 weeks ago this smoothie was enough to keep constipation away and keep my symptoms very mild. Now with baby pushing more on my insides, I need more fiber so I'm doubling the amount of green smoothie I drink and so far today it has worked. When I'm desperate, because it doesn't hurt my bladder, I use coffee to help clear things out. My dr lets me use it every other day so as to not overload the baby with caffeine. On the in-between days when I'm not drinking coffee, I'll use a stool softener but its not as effective.
    Even before getting pregnant, I got a seat cushion for my chair.
    I also use a wedge pillow under my stomach and have been since the first trimester. Although my stomach wasn't very heavy at the time, the support still helped my bladder at night.
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    Re: IC and Pregnant : How I Cope

    Congratulations! It sounds like you have a great attitude --- and are managing to keep symptoms under control.

    Stay safe

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