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Statistics for our kids getting this?

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  • Statistics for our kids getting this?

    What are the statistics for kids getting this? Kids who have a mom with IC? My 8yo has complained her privates hurt off and on over the last few years starting at age 4. She did initially have a UTI. Sometimes she doesn’t have UTIs. Things like getting soap in her private when showering and having salt water waves shoot up her at the beach have been factors too. I did not have symptoms until my 30s. She complains maybe 4-5 times a year. My Uro-gynecologist does not think she has it. I will be heartbroken if she ever does.

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    I know there are some instances of more than one family member having IC, but I honestly think it is more common to be an isolated instance in a family. I know that in my case, my parents both came from huge families and, to my knowledge I am he only one among my cousins to have IC. Things like soap getting into the urethra could cause irritation even in a healthy body. Of course we can't be totally sure this won't happen, but try to go with your doctor's opinion and stay alert for changes --- you might want to jot it down when she reports irritation so you'll have a history you can evaluate if needed.

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      I let her have her favorite smoothie this morning which would be an IC nightmare (tons of citrus) and pineapple juice early afternoon. She complained late afternoon in the car. But then she was fine as soon as we got home and didn’t complain again. She’s also had these foods this summer with no issues. I do think she got soap in her urethra the other day, and I just read it can cause irritation for up to 3 days. Thank you for your reply.