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  • ???

    I'm not sure this is IC related or not so here goes.

    My little girl, Sam, is now almost 6months old. During the whole pregnancy and for awhile after I was IC free. Then it came back like I knew it would but not bad. I've been just watching my diet and things have been ok.

    On Thursday evening I started having really bad cramps and just thought I was finally having my first period, ( I guess breast-feeding can put of it's return) so I just used the heating pad and popped a couple ibuprphen.
    It's now Sunday and I am still majorly hurting and no flow. So...

    My ?? is could it still be pms after four days and nothing or is this just a different feeling IC very long lasting flare???

    THanks for any ideas

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    Maybe but have you checked a pregnancy test? Not to be nosy but breastfeeding is not a sure fire bet as BC and maybe the cramps are not PMS or a flare . Maybe something to look into. Hope you feel better soon and sorry that nasty IC showed it's face again.


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      something to think about but it probably is not since they did a pregnancy test last month before giving me the depo shot. i might look into it though. thanks.


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        Your uterus and other parts down there could be contracting back in place, I know I did this for a few months after both of my kids.. Feels just like period cramps..or kind of like contractions..

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          When I was on Depo for 7 years I did not have a period at all. You may be one who has no period but may still feel crampy and yucky. Not everyone is period free on depo but you may be. If I had known you had started the depo I would have not suggested the pregnancy test sorry about that one.


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            I was thinking the same till I read the next post. ibuprphen sometime can throw you in a flair.. hope you feel better quickly.
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              thanks guys
              feeling some better today so we'llsee where it goes from here.
              thanks again