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Bad day @ hospital w/daughter

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  • Bad day @ hospital w/daughter

    Yesterday, I took Logan to the hospital for her kidney test. As someo f you know she was born with kidney and heart problems. It started bad and went so down hill.

    We left home at 545 for the 2 hour trip there. 8AM we started in the lab with tons of u/a's and labs that were all fasting. I ask the lab to have someone come and put a Hep lockin as her tests required an IV and to avoid all the sticks with 1 pok, ok the lab tech missed the first vein and had to stick her again and the kid almost passed out. The lab tech assured me that the test would not need and IV ok whatever. We head to nuclear med for the MAG 3 renal scan and guess what, here they come to insert and and IV. She just about flipped out and then procedes to throw up on the lady inserting the IV. This lady looks at me and ask "Didn't you prepare her for this?" Well yes until your lab assured her differently. She then goes on to explain that they require a cath for this now and the kid was a complete nervous wreck and stands up to go to the waiting area and almost passed out on me good thing mom's have good reflexes. We go to the waiting area and this older RN comes to get us to cath her and starts prolonging this by trying to explain cathing to her like she was 21, using medical terms way above her head. I have to look at this woman and get blunt and interupt her and tell Logan that she was gonna insert a rubber straw and drain pee for the 45 mintues test. She tells Logan to frog leg it and the kid is so tense and almost passes out again because she was so worked up. another glare to this lady and she finally gets the hint to get with it. She cleans her off and inserts the cath and then the kid did pass out, smelling salts in hand they all came running. The tech finally got the rude nurse out of there and the kid calmed down and got the test done. We then had to have a kidney U/S.

    By the time we got to the Dr and seen and her fed at 130PM she was exhausted. Her bad kidney is do about 25% of the work it should be and her good one is picking up the slack. The bad one is very atrophic but not enough to warrant any surgical intervention as of now. Her BP has been elevated the past 3 months and we are monitoring that for a few more weeks at home where she is comfy to see if the BP meds are needed again.

    By the time all this was over and I finally got home, I wanted to rip everyone a new butt for her trauma and my bladder out from the flare.

    Thanks for listening!!!!!!!!

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    that sounds awful

    I'm so sorry you and your daughter had to go through this!! It sounds like a nightmare, poor kid. You sound like a good mom and she is lucky to have you. I hope she (and you) get to feeling better real soon. Much love! L
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      I am so sorry you and your girl had to go through all of that. My daughter who is 19 now had to have so many test when she was younger, kidney test like the one you mentioned. She has a seizure disorder and was always wetting herself. Luckily that worked itself out, but as a mom I would sit there and cry because my baby was being hurt, I knew that she had to have these test, but it didn't make it any easier.


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        Leslie...Please give Logan a (((hug))) from me. I am so sorry she was treated so badly. You, my dear are one great mom. Here comes a (((hug))) for you, also.

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          When someone treats our children bad we want to rip hair, throw punches and then some. I am so sorry she was treated so bad. I hope she is not so frightened of the hospital now. (((((((((((logan))))))))))))))
          God grant me the serinity to withstand the days ahead!!!

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            You know my feelings on yesterday!! I am just glad she is better!

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              If she has to have tests in the future, I suggest you talk to your doctor about giving her a relaxant prior to all the testing.

              Sending gentle hugs,
              Stay safe

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                Thanks, everyone

                Donna, I did ask for some sedation or relaxant then once she had calmed down to procede. They told me NO! They were behind schedule already.

                Patricia, Thanks, I can't imagine having to have this test again.


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                  This sounds horrible! I'm sorry it happened. I bet you are glad it is all over now!!!

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                    I'm with Donna--she needs something to make the day go smoother. The tests she went thru are not fun at any age but so hard when your a child. You need something too us moms can not stand to watch our babies suffer.


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                      Oh My. I can't even bear to think of that being done to my little girl. I think we would both be passing out. What dreadful treatment from that nurse.


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                        I am so sorry to hear she had to go through that! As a mom myself I would rather go through anything than having to see my kids in pain. I hope she feels better today and won't have to deal with insensitive people like that again! Nurses should know better when they are dealing with kids. Even if they don't gave the best bed side manner, children usually bring out a tender side in people who are supposed to be healers!
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                          OMG Leslie... I am so sorry..
                          Poor child, I bet is was so hard on both of you... ((((((((((hugs)))))))))

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                            Hope your daughter feels better soon!

                            (o.O )
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                              OMG Leslie,
                              I remember how upset I got when they had to stitch up Griffin's head when he busted his head open and that was over much faster than what you had to go through. I think I would have kicked or punched one of those nurses with all of those problems. I hope Logan's feeling better now, I love that name, my oldest step son's name is Logan

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