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Does anyone feel like they are ripping their kids off?

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    Caring Son & Husband

    I have to say that my family has been very supportive. I have had IC since 1998 and along with that, we have also had to care for elderly family members.

    I only missed one of my son's football games in 4 years of high school and that was due to the flu, I didn't say that I wasn't in pain, but I took my meds and yelled for him all the way through the game. I may be in bed the next day, but he understood.

    My son is now in college, but he has traveled with me to out of town clinics so that he could drive me home so that I wouldn't be alone when he would be in for breaks. When he is at home on a visit, if he knows that I am not feeling well, he will go out and rent movies and sit on the sofa with me and watch movies so that we can spend time together.

    Recently I was visiting my mother for her birthday and he came out for lunch because he goes to college in the same city where she lives and he said Mom you are hurting aren't you and I asked him why he would say that and he said because you are chewing on a tooth pick and you never do that and he knew that I didn't want the others to see my pain that day.

    Our children love us and accept us for who we are and I believe that they know that we do all that we can do for them and when we are down they know that we have to be down.

    I am also blessed to have a wonderful husband who has made numerous visits to doctors to become more educated about this disease and that has helped so much because he understand so much more about the disease now and helps me so much around the house.

    All that I can say is that while it is sad that we had to be on our heating pads and ice packs from time to time and sometimes too many times, make the most of every minute with your children and it will all come back to you and them. Do not let a day go by without letting them know how very much they are loved.