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    LOL well since mine is just starting to babble...

    Me= Mom (often said like MOM!!!! when angry)
    Dada= Dad
    Ga= Grandma/Grandpa
    GeeGee= Kiki
    Ba= Bottle (when she was on it)

    that's all for now though lol
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      When I was little I had a friend named Elizabeth. For a tot thats hard to say! I used to call her Bibi.(bi as in it). As we got older she would call me by the nickname my parents gave me (fred). We decided that if I called her bibi or she called me fred, we could pinch each other. Things you do when you're little!
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        lol love 'em keep them coming
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          What kids say can have a lasting effect! When my brother was born, my sister, who was 2, was being taught to call him "baby brother" --- everyone thought she was calling him Buddy, which became his nickname until he was an adult, at which point he became just plain "Bud."

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            My son who is now (15) used to say "I change my rewind". (like his video tapes) We still say it.


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              My youngin', who's now just shy of 17, would called windshield wipers "whipperloppers".
              We still refer to them as such.

              (o.O )
              (> < ) This is Bunny. He's on his way to world domination.


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                When I was just starting to talk, I was trying to say my older brothers name (Ricky) however, I could never say it properly, so I would say "Icky". I would remember he would be walking home from school, and I would go out the front door, and meet him as he was coming up the sidewalk and say "There's Icky, Icky's home from school". Every once in a while, just for laughs I will still call him that!! (he is now 50 and I'm almost 47)


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                  candybars and Popsicles those ones are my fav.. lol
                  girls these are all great...
                  milk mulk
                  chocolate cha okie
                  cup bobbal (confusing with becky as bob lol)

                  when I was a kid, I use to scream I wanted some C R D Y when someone went to the store.
                  you know how you spell things and I thought that was how to spell candy.

                  I also use to say I did it 40-11 different times. lol
                  'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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                    My parents came to visit today, and I cut my moms hair.
                    When they were leaving Jake said bye bye poppa and
                    bye bye eggo lmao
                    'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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                      Ok I know this is an old thread and my kids are almost 10 and almost 12 now, but I thought I would share a few funny ones

                      My daughter: who is almost 12 NOW
                      Butter Scotch Dilly Bar = butt scratch diwwy dick
                      Top Ramen= Tomma roodle
                      Flush= F**k haha well I wont type that one out
                      Church= Kirk
                      Gosh I have so many I could go on and on

                      My son: who is almost 10 NOW
                      I love you= aw do do
                      Parmessan = farmer john
                      Girl= Gore

                      haha and my nephew used to call my son sons name is Christian. it was hillarious.
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                        Katie had ear infection issues which lead to early speech issues. She called Daddy kakhi and she said her name was Kakee Bake instead of Katie Blake. She can say Daddy now but he will always be Kakhi in her eyes/ Adam wouldn't have it any other way. When were out somewhere and you hear KAKHI he knows it is his kid. He said everyone is Daddy but I am special. I caled katie Kakee the other day and she screamed "I'M NOT KAKEE I'M KAITLYN PAIGE BLAKE"
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