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The Cherished Wish

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  • leelee88
    Thanks for sharing this Tig

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  • GriffsMommy
    Thanks for sharing Cindy. I like that.

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  • tigger_gal
    started a topic The Cherished Wish

    The Cherished Wish

    I don't know who wrote this, but thought I would share

    The sun is nature, warmth and light
    Giving life and hope and might
    And though it may be far away
    Will touch the child with every ray

    The heart is nurture, love and grace
    Lives for each smile upon your face
    Teaches what you need to know
    Makes you laugh and helps you grow

    For one, a wish that runs so deep
    Their child -- a home to safely keep
    Another's wish so true and bold
    A child to love and teach and hold

    The star -- the wishes of the two
    Heaven makes them both come true
    In ways both merciful and mild
    Their star -- the cherished wish -- the child