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Ellen is babbling!!

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  • Ellen is babbling!!

    Hi everyone,

    Goodness life as a new mom is crazy and busy. Sorry for my sporadic visits to the boards. Ellen turned 8 months last Sunday and started babbling a few days afterwards. She will say a string of ba's (and has also said mama, not meaning me, not yet at least). I have a question -- she doesn't babble that often (maybe some in the morning and in the evening). She has always been rather reserved, never fussing or crying that much, just seems rather content most of the time. We visited a speech language pathologist who was very reassuring (let us know that Ellen was completely appropriately socially).
    As a new mother, your mind always leaps to the wrong conclusions, pdd, autism -- the doctor said no worries there.

    Just want to know what other parents' experiences have been with this. Is there individual variation with babbling? I seem to worry about everything with my little one. I think that's the real problem.



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    I think Ellen is right on track! Babies are so different in their development. Some babies really focus on physical or motor skills while others spend more time chatting! Kaitlyn babbles at 7 months with some da da's, na na's, ma ma's but mostly it's just the ahhhhh sound. She's also taking her time about sitting and crawling but I'm not worried.

    Lesa [img]biggrin.gif[/img]
    "The first time her laughter unfurled it's wings into the wind....
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      I have not had a baby yet (and am sure I will be asking all of these questions too), but my favorite story is one my mother shares about my brother. He was also a very reserved baby. I spoke for him a lot, but even when I wasn't around he just kept to himself and took everything in. He wasn't talking, rarely babbled, and she was also concerned that maybe something was wrong with him. One day we were sitting at the table and my mother asked my brother what kind of sandwich he wanted for lunch (she didn't expect a reply). I replied that he wanted a bologna sandwich (because that is what I always of course he wanted it too.). Out of the blue, my brother looked at her and said, "Peanut Butter and Jelly Please." Yup..those were pretty much his first words and it came out as a sentence. So...I bet your little one is brilliant and will soon be talking full sentences before you realize it.
      Hugs...Angie [img]biggrin.gif[/img]
      Do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around..that's what it's all about..whoooo!
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        Thanks for responding,

        Ellen continues to do well. She actually had an ear infection last week, and that explains to some extent why she wasn't babbling as much. After a few days of antiobiotics, she was back to her normal self (still rather reserved, but playful and good spirited).

        Now she has a stomach bug. I will be so glad when the cold/flu season end. I feel after that, I will be able to stop breastfeeding, and hopefully start the meds. The flares have been visiting again, and when I do sleep I dream about my urologist, who is telling me to start the meds. I keep thinking maybe I will be able to breastfeed Ellen for a year. I have been counting down and we have 14 weeks to go. Hope I can make it and reclaim my life to some extent.

        Sorry to ramble on and on. Again, thanks for your support and the words of wisdom.