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potty training daughter with my ic?

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  • potty training daughter with my ic?

    I have been having the most difficult time potty training my daughter! As much as i go to the bathroom i take her in there with me. sometimes she dont want to go cuz she dont have to go when i do. my husband says that a mother should potty train their daughter, and father train his son. banghead Well, this is frustrating me cuz im tring so hard and shes really trying to be a big girl, but its not east with my ic and training her. I have been taking her every hour. and if i have to go i show her and she tries it too. a couple of times she acually went and we have been putting her in pull ups instead of dipers. Can you other mothers give me some sugestions on how to make it easier on both of us or am i doing it right? hi

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    Just suggestions, but instead of taking her every hour or other time frame --- try asking her every hour if she needs to go. When she's ready she will do it. And if she tells you after she goes, she's almost there. Give her lots of praise when she's successful and don't mention the "accidents." Some children are ready for potty training at age two or younger, but most are closer to three --- so don't try to rush her.

    Most of all, be relaxed about it.

    Warm hugs,
    Donna (aka Grammy)
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      I know how frustrating it is with potty training! My daughter was a breeze and potty trained herself by age two, but then came my son!! He was just not ready. I tried everything I could think of and nothing worked. Finally, we decided to give him some time and stop stressing. He is now 3 yrs,5 months and is completely potty trained. He has only been this way for a couple months, but I promise you, it's much better on everyone if you let her do it on her time. How old is she? I agree about praising her like crazy!! Have you tried rewards? My son loves trains, so we promised him that if he went potty five times with no accidents in between, we'd go buy one of his little Thomas trains. It took numerous tries, but he was so excited and proud of himself when he finally did it!!!!! You could offer anything as a reward: maybe going to McDonald's or whatever would excite her! Good luck----I'm sending tons of "I know what you're going through" hugs your way! Let us know how it goes!
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        Alyson- my approach with my son was just like yours- in fact, he got Thomas the Tank engine trains as a reward for FINALLY pooping on the potty (sorry, gross I know).

        Anyway, it was about an 8 month process that was two steps forward one step back if you know what I mean, but finally my son just decided he was ready at about 3 years old and it just clicked for him. Prior to that he would show some interest but then have lots of accidents. Sometimes it is easier if you wait until they are 3. Another tip I have heard is to use underwear with training pants overtop rather than pull-ups, since they will feel the wetness in the underwear whereas the diapers these days and pull-ups are so absorbent they don't really care if they pee in them all day. I used only underwear once my son was doing pretty well on the potty consistently and pull-ups for night-time, and then when he was waking up dry for a few months I put him in underwear at night (around 3.5 years old).

        Good luck, it can be frustrating but hang in there!



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          OK, so I must be a bda Mom. I bribed BOTH my children. And you know what??? It worked. Candy. Lots and lots of candy. Thise little fun size packages of M&M's and every time they actually go pee in the potty they get a small package. It clicks so well and so quickly that sometimes they forget the candy...Then you just have the poop to deal with. It takes longer, but that takes bribery, too. I potty trained Justin in 1 1/2 Months. I don't remember how long it took me to train Emilee, she's almost 11 now and is trained well. (hehe, LOL!) I could hear her now "MOM! Why did you say that??" Anyway, Candy worked for me. Try it. Good Luck. Michelle in KC


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            I'm a 2nd grade teacher, and my whole program revolves around incentives. I prefer not to call it bribery, because that seems to imply I'm asking them to do something bad. You wouldn't believe what kids will do for stickers, little prizes, or even earning class games. It really keeps thing positive, and there's very little nagging or negative going on. I don't see anything wrong with using this with potty-training, provided the child is developmentally ready for the task! hat
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              I went out and got a whole bunch of stickers, little girl jewlery, and other stuff and every time she goes, she gets to put a sticker on a piece of colored construction paper. I have hung it in the wall beside the toilet. Then i say lets count how many times, or how many stikeers you have today. My hubby actually came up with this idea. He also told me that his mom used to teach him with cheerios. he said shed dump em in the toilet and say "sink em". i laughed. its going pretty well, she is almost four now. toilet

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