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  • Pre-school

    Well, my 3 year old daughter started preschool Monday. Very sad for me. I have a question though. SHe didn't cry and she didn't cry today, which is her second day. I know I should be happy about that, but it makes me wonder how good of a mother I am. She has been at home with me since she was born. Just wondering if this is normal. I have to say she loves preschool and that is all she has talked about since her first day.


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    Oh {{{{{{{Kristy}}}}}} you are a wonderful mother. I do not have children, but am a teacher. Pre-school and kindergarten can be very scary, but can also be very exciting for kids. All kids react differently to both of these adventures. It sounds like she is just excited about new friends and experiences. You have actually given your daughter a special gift. You have created a child that feels safe and comfortable trying new situations. Be proud of yourself. She is not happy to be away from you, she is just enjoying her new environment that she obviously feels safe in (great choice in pre-school mom)!!!!
    Hugs... Angie
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      Angie is right. It takes a special mother to instill self confidence in new situations.

      Warm hugs,
      Stay safe

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        I agree with the other gals! I think our job as parents is to give them tons of love and prepare them to stand on their own in life. I know it's tough to see her grow up but it sounds like you've done a wonderful job so far!

        "The first time her laughter unfurled it's wings into the wind....
        We knew that the world would never be the same."
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          Add one more to the list that agrees you are a terrific mom. The others are right, you have done a wonderful job and your daughter knows that you will be there if she needs you. Right now she is confident enough that she can do this one on her own.



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            Stand tall and be proud!! You're a great mom who has taught her daughter to be self confident and independent. That's one young lady who is going to do very well!

            It's really hard for Moms to watch their children take those first big steps out into the world. I know - been there, done that. You'll get used to it..... one of these years.

            You're doing a fantastic job Kristy. Keep up the good work.

            With Love from another understanding mom,
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              Let me add my voice to the others that your daughter's enjoyment of pre-school is a reflection of your strong relationship with her. I speak from the perspective of a mother and a psychologist. What a wonderful launching pad you have provided for her. She can leave you and explore the world because she knows that you will always be there for her. You are her touchstone, her literal home base.

              But I do remember that feeling of dropping my kids at preschool. Managing to hold my tears until I was out of the building. A friend of mine and I always talk on the first day of school for that very reason.

              Congratulations on your good mothering.

              Love, Hope

              PS-By the way, according to the preschool teachers, it is not unusual for kids to do well the first few days, and then start to get tearful at drop off. It's as if they are saying -- what, you mean I have to keep going here? Research has demonstrated that whether or not a child cries at separation from the parent is NOT a reflection of a poor attachment to the parent. How the child greets the parent at the end of the school day is the important signal here. If the child CONSISTENTLY greets the parent with anger, major tears, etc., this may indicate a problem. Sorry for the Psychology 101, but I thought some information might help along with the hugs and support.


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                I want to tell you how lucky you are!! When my five year old started to go to pre-school, he was hysterical, don't leave me mommy, it ripped my heart out!! When he went to a pre-k program recently he was much better except for one day he cried. Now kindegarten is weeks away and I am sooooo scared he wil cry. I stay home with him and we spend alot of time together, I have been his worls since he was born. It is an awful feeling to have to leave them when they are crying, so please feel grateful that your baby feels confident the you will return. Different kids, different personalities.