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I'll hire u so I can nap...

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  • I'll hire u so I can nap...

    Oh help!!!!! Zane has been sick for 3 days. No sleeping, no naps. He just whines. (He turned 1 in Jan.) I took him to the ped. today. Of course it's viral!!
    In other words, they don't know. If he runs one more fever tonight and tomorrow we have to take him back Sat. to be checked.
    I stay at home w/him and I needed to look forward to V. Day but I guess we won't be going out now.
    Well thanks moms for letting me cry on your shoulder...Jaime
    Tons of support,

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    So sorry that Zane has been sick.......big hugs to both of you. I have had the flu for almost a week, I'm thinking I had better go back to the dr again as I think it's getting worse instead of better Hopefully Zane will get better soon so you and him both can get some rest.

    Love and Hugs,
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      I'm sorry to hear that your little one is so sick, Jamie! My son and I both just got over conjunctivitis, so I feel your pain! Unfortunately it took awhile, but now all he has is a cold. Keep the infant tylenol close at hand!

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        I'll come over and watch him for the evening!!! (well I really would if I was closer). I hope he feels better soon and you get to catch up on some Zzzzzzz's Have a good Valentine's day!!!

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          Jaime, I hope Zane is feeling better! I know exactly how you feel! Mine are three and four, and we have had something wrong with somebody for two months now! My daughter has had a stomach virus this week, so everything in comes up! Try to nap when he does---even if the house is a mess. You need to get some rest! I've learned that!
          Hugs to you both,
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