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I love my daughter!

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  • I love my daughter!

    I had a last minute idea today to take Emilee (almost 12) lunch at school and surprise her. She was so happy to see me and before I left, she gave me a big hug and a kiss in front of her friends. She didn't care. That just made my WEEK. Just wanted to share my warm fuzzy.

    kissing kissing

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    What a wonderful compliment to you. It tells me what a great mom you are.

    Stay safe

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      what a wonderful thing you did for your daughter and the wonderful gift she gave you inturn see small thing does make a diffs. that is so sweet!
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        Oh that is wonderful and special. I know it must have meant a lot to you, she knows what a great mum she has, hugs Iris.
        Today and every day you are loved, so don't be anxious about tomorrow, God will take care of you tomorrow; Live one day at a time.


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          That is awesome! I bet it made her day as much as it made yours.
          blink Thanks for sharing! It made me think back to my school days. wink
          Tons of support,

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            What an ispiration to us all!!!

            When you have IC, you feel like everyone is always taking care of you and to have the energy to reach out to do something a bit out of the ordinary takes too much energy. But what an incredible reward to see a child smile because of something you did.

            I have two sons that drive, a son in college and one in high school. Sometimes I sneak up to the school and take their cars and run them through the carwash. Then I fill them up with gas. When I have a bit of extra cash, I leave them a roll of emergency quarters in their ashtray and a pack of mints. It makes me feel like a little fairy bringing them a "just because I love you gift." Of course that does not happen often because I spend most of my time in bed with my heating pad.!!!And all three of my boys are the good fairies bringing me my ice water.

            My youngest son likes it when I visit his classroom with "just because treats." Thank goodness for Krispie Creme doughnuts

            Sometimes I wonder why I have been choosen to have this disease because I feel like I am letting my family down but then I look at my boys and how compassionate they are and I thnk to myself that perhaps this is a gift. I am teaching my boys how to be supportive and compasionate and when they go off into the world they will be better because of it.

            To all the Mother's out there, remember you are the best Mother your child could ever dream of and in their eyes you are the sun. Your smile brings them sunshine and their's brings you HOPE for tomorrow.

            Sweet thoughts.



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              That is so touching Michelle! You are lucky, our school will not allow us to come in for lunch with our kids. The fact that she shows her affection in front of her friends, says alot about her relationship with are very lucky, and you must be a great mom! grouphug Sherig
              Wishing you the best, today, tomorrow, and always! Sheri G