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  • & a bitter Custody

    Lost a custody of my son .

    I saw those christmas trees this morning out covered by snow. Brings me memories of my only son & I together picking out one,tie on top of the car & have fun carrying it upstairs in our little apartment.

    Going through this bitter custody battle & a system that has nothing to do with justice is dehumanizing me inside. I wish along with my heart feeling numb & hard ,I just wish my bladder will go along with it ,so something good will come out with it.

    Hope nobody else have like I do.

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    I know how much your heart aches for your son. Custody battles are never easy. I lost my son in a car wreck and everything this time of year makes me wish for happier days when my family was complete.


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      Stay safe

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        I can imagine those accusing faces staring at me saying like "o.. you must have done such a terrible thing,or you must have a problem ".Unfortunately those eyes are generic stereotypical faces that means nothing to me or I have every option in this world to hide it in order to maintain the status quo.I can discuss it in open public with regards & relating to a custody subject,specifically mine,love to, no problem. I share it in this board becoz I prefer that people have my complete persona, a real human (dehumanized tho,) person with the real face,heart & mind just like anyone else."You can run but you can never hide",I am that kind that cannot hide.
        Another reason I share it in this board becoz this experience is a very painful one to me that if ever someone in this board is also having the same , I am here , someone they can connect without the shame or fear of being judged or to be judged.This unique experience of mine enriched my life so much & willing to share along with this medical condition on top of it that makes mine a little different than anyone else.I even tend to believe that I learn more about this country's legal process more than I know of my own body including the IC. IC is only a part of my research of a lifetime,the best intention I have invested is to find justice & the advocation of Judicial reform , during the days I am symptom free.
        I use to ask the question of questions ,why me,but along the course I find it easier to answer if I say,why not.....


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          Speaking of course only for myself, I cannot and will not put a placard on your forehead of being a bad parent, or having lost your child becaus eyou "did something wrong" I don't know you and therfor cannot judge you. I do know from my own personal experiences that sometimes life is unfair and the judicial system makes wrong decisions. I, as a parent, cannot imagine how you feel to have your child away from you. I can only attempt to comfort the emptiness you feel in your heart right now. ALthough nothing can replace that. I am glad you felt comfortable enough to come in and post about your situation and I will keep you in my prayers until your son is safely back in your arms again. There is nothing bound together stronger than a mothers love for her child.
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            I was diagnosed last month and Monday I had cystoscopy with dist. I am in so much pain, it's worse then before. Moving and eating makes even worse and of course we all know I'm moving to pee at least 1x or 2x every hr. I have pain medication and relaxation medication but it can only do so much. I feel extremely depressed and lonely, my family refuses to understand so I'm by myself. Thanks for listening.


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              Hi Julie. Welcome to the ICN. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Have you been trying to follow the IC diet? I know it helps alot of people on here. Let us know how you are. wink
              Tons of support,

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