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potty training??????help

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  • potty training??????help

    I am trying so hard to get my son potty trained.He is doing pretty good but he refuses to poop on the potty.I think he just dosn't get it .PLEASE help.
    If you have any advice please let me know.

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    Sorry, I can't help you I'm having the same problem with my daughter, who will be 3 Sunday. We have been potty trained with tee-tee for over a year now, but refuses to poop in potty. I have an image of a 16 year old asking me for a pull-up to poop in. How old is your son? If you find anything that helps let me know. I've tried bribery, rewards, and everything else nothing works. Hope somebody else has some advice for you. I guess all I can tell you is to be patient and it will happen. At least I hope it happens with us soon.



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      Kristy is right. The only thing to do is wait. And ignore it if you can. When he does finally do it, loads of praise.

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        Waiting is for the birds!!! It's easy for those whose kids are already potty trained to say just wait. This is what worked for me and my little guy, Justin. BRIBERY!! Candy! Fruit snacks! Oh, they now have Blues Clues fruit snacks, too! I started staying home with Justin in October and the stores had individual servings of candies. Every time he peed, he'd get a package of candy. Well then he learned to pee every 5 minutes (like us!) and then we moved to the candy only being for when he pooped in the potty! Worked like a charm! He's been just fine for about 5 months now. Woo-HOO!! Good Luck, Hon. Michelle in KC


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          My stepson, who lives with us full-time, was well past his third birthday before he was potty trained. It took several tries to be successful.

          He was in day care full-time and kept telling us he wanted to wear "real" underpants, just like the big boys. This was in the days before pull-ups. We explained to him that in order to wear the real underwear he would need to always use the toilet. If he had accidents, then we went back to the diapers until he asked about wearing real underwear again. If I remember correctly, it only took three or four tries to be successful.

          I think the biggest thing is to not push or make it a huge issue. Every child is different and will come around eventually. My mother always thought that my younger brother (her sixth child) would wind up going to kindergarten in diapers! But he was just one of those kids that took longer to get there.

          Good luck!



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            I used a book called Potty Training in a Day from the library. What it suggests is putting the child on the potty every 15 mins to 30 secs. Then whether they go or not reward them with snacks that will make them go. You know apple juice, prunes, fig neutons, mountain dew.......if it will make a kid go potty and can be seen as a treat load them full of it. The idea is that you are giving them more opportunities to go. If the child resists going poo out of a control issue slip some Karo syrup into a dring (tiny amounts here) so that the stools do not become large and painful. If that happens see the doc right away to get them soft again, once a cycle is started with a small child of avoiding stooling it can be a long term problem.

            Just remember to work his/her system to make the child have to go more so that they have enough chances to learn in a shorter period of time.

            Oh yeah, remember you need to keep the child in easy on and off clothes so that they can do what kids do and wait to the last possible second without having accidents because they are wearing overalls etc. Have a good time! Hehehehe Lisa
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