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  • Going a little nuts

    This is day 5 of my children staying home with me. Since I am no longer working thered is no reason for me to pay the sitter $120 a week. Emilee is in school all day and so it's only myself and Justin during the daytime. We are working on potty training. Problem is, I miss doing something. Anything! I found a toddler reading group that meets on Tuesday mornings, but then there's the rest of the week. We can't go far from the bathroom. For both myself and Justin. He has to go all the time. Any suggestions? Michelle.

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    I have been home with my kids ever since they were born and I have found a lot of things to keep me busy....Have you checked the Library? Have you ever considered volenteering in your daughters class at school. I have loved that and my kids love it too. I take turns with another mom and we share child care with the younger ones. What about scrapbooks? Just a few suggestions.

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      How old is your son? Are you sure he's ready for potty training. Neither of my boys potty trained until they were three years old. I agree with the other posts here - you need to find some activities/hobbies that are interesting to you and give you a chance to socialize. If it's within your budget, you could still take your son to the babysitter once or twice a week while you get out and do some activity that you enjoy. Also, some gyms have excellent babysitting services if you are interested in an aerobics or exercise class.