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  • My daughter's field trip...

    Boy, this IC thing is getting old and tired quick. My daughter came home from school and her class (she's in grade 2) is going on a field trip in October - one more field trip that I long to go on and may not be able to. My dd so wants me to go on the trip - what do you say when they say "Oh Mommy, please say you'll go!"?

    I checked the date - it's right around the time dh & I will be trying to conceive, which means flares, flares, flares. It also will involve an hour + long school bus ride to Montreal. I went on a school bus once with IC - a church trip to a conference in the city - it was brutal! Sigh.

    I think I'll call the school or send a note to her teacher to ask, if they have extra room, if I can wait until October to let them know. I won't be able to supervise a group of kids - not if I'm potty-bound so often - but maybe I can swing the experience as a helper. I never really talked to the school about my IC. Maybe now's the time.

    One cool thing - when I explained to my dd that the trip may be in a "bad" time for me, she was understanding. I want her to be able to see that as much as I want to do these kinds of things for her, I am limited by a disease that I didn't ask for and can't, for now, control very well. She's learning, dear child.

    Thanks for listening!
    "It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; He enables me to stand on the heights."
    Psalm 18:32 - 33

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    I'm so sorry.I too have this problem,everytime my daughter has a field trip.
    I have explained to the school and they are very understanding.Also I have sat my daughter down and explained to her that mommie is sick and sometimes she isn't able to do the things she wants to do with her but it doesn't mean I love her any less or that I don't want to do things with her.
    She still gets upset sometimes which is understandable but I just keep trying to comfort her and it usually works out.
    I would also call the school and ask them if you could be on a wait and see bases for the field trip.
    Good luck,