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  • Please, take him!!

    Boy, do I EVER need a break! I love my son to death, but today was such a trying day. Today at the mall my son would not stay in his stroller. I let him walk around and he eventually got too far away that I had to literally drop what I was doing to chase him down. He tries to be good (at least I think) but he is soooo curious. He then took the stroller and proceeded to ram it into a display of shoes. Luckily he didn't destroy it. Then I decided to let him walk next to me and he wanted to push the stroller. So I let him, until he tripped and fell. His next area of interest was the outdoor ashtray. I had to pull him off that as well, while he started having an absolute fit. I was more than happy to get to my car-he was not. Eventually he settled down on the ride home and fell asleep. Of course, when he got up from his nap after arriving home, he decided he wan't going to let me pack up some stuff for amvets-he wanted to pull everything out I had just packed. And the story goes on and on and on...I NEED A BREAK!

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    I understand fully. Zane just turned 14 months and has been into everything he can reach. Especially the computer keyboard. I've got soooo tired of cleaning up after him w/meals and snack stuff everywhere. I finally got smart and I take the vacuum cleaner to his highchair and the floor around it. lmao
    If I were closer I'd watch him for you. For an even get them both the next day! lmao lmao
    Hope tomorrow is better.
    Jaime hi
    Tons of support,

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      Your stories break my heart. I'm not in great health but I'm sure healthy enough to watch 1 grandchld at a time for a couple of hours but I don't get asked by anyone but my daughter...I have 10 grandchildren, the one that lives the farthest a way is only 11 minutes. It hurts so bad when I hear of you young mom's who need a break and I'd do anything to get to spend more time with mine

      Sure do hope your parents understand and try to pitch in.....the rewards are undescribable

      Sending you the very best of wishes~
      Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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        Jen - your adventures sound like mine with Matthew. He just turned 2. All that lovely stuff seems to start around 18 months, especially, and then trails off around 2 and a haldf or three. Most of the time... lmao It's what happened with my first so I am telling myself that this time, too.

        It IS exhausting. I avoid the mall with my youngest b/c of that. I just know in my heart that it will slow down at some point, but some days... eek

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          Do you have any family or friends who live close to you that may be willing to keep him for a few hours so you can get a break? I am fortunate to have my best friend who just lives three miles from me and when I'm having a bad day, she has always been there for me, and I for her. She has three kids 8 yr old twins and a 4 yr old. The 4 yr old has ADHD and Bi-Polar disorder. I have him alot when I am up to it. My youngest son also has ADD and I know how kids can get. So when I need her, she is there, and when she needs me, I am here. I wish I were closer to you so I could help you out. My kids are 7 and 9 so they are out of the "cute" stage. I cannot have anymore children so I pride myself on spoiling others Sending you warm hugs and praying your days have been better.

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            HI Teri,
            Your story breaks my heart too! You know what??
            Those kids need you, more than you do them, if thats possible. I never had a father, grandmother, or grandfather, that I remember. To this day, I love older people so much. I have two grandchildren and I love them more than my life.
            We only get to keep them in the summer, because of school and distance. Girls, if I lived close to any of you, I would help you out anytime I could. I understand so completly.
            GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU
            People may not remember exactly what "you did, or what you said, but- they will always remember how you made them feel"


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              Gee, Teri! I wish my Mom was like you when my daughter was little! I was so guilt-tripped into not ever asking for help.. I rarely asked for help and at the end of the day I was just about ready to pull out my hair!!! Gosh, I still remember going to school, working, then dealing with the busy toddler for the remainder of the day.. Ugh! God bless you, lord knows we all need more Grandmas like you. My Mom decided my daughter's toddler years were a good time to go through her 2nd childhood.. i.e. drinking and bar-hopping..

              Enough complaining from me, I just wanted to say god bless! We need more of you!
              ~ Life's a Garden, Dig it. ~ Joe Dirte'