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    Does anyone's kids have allergies this spring? Justin, my little one has started Claritin syrup and it's not helping at all. Does this stuff work right away? My daughter, age 9, is taking Flonase and it's working great, but I think 3 is too young to do nose spray. Also, I'm hurting so badly and Justin's attitude is pushing my last nerve! It's got to be his allergies causing my little angel (yeah, right) to be so rotten! Michelle in KC

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    I looked up Flonase and it is FDA approved for children four and older, so he is almost there--- I would talk to your pediatrician, many times it can be used in an off-label use and be safe.

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      My daughter has taken claritin ready tabs it worked pretty good but every child is different,I also think it depends on the type of allergys they have.
      If his nose is stopped up at night and he wakes up at times through the night that will make a child grouchy,or it could be the claritin itself making him act up.I would talk to your doc. and see what he/she thinks.
      Hugs and prayers,