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  • What will they think of next?

    Well as you might recall, I had posted early Feb. that Zane was sick and we weren't getting any sleep?! Well I've had to take him to the doctor 4 times now. The last time they gave an antibiotic and said it was a URI. Well after the 10 days of meds, the next day he's sick again. That was Sun. Now hubby and I have it. eek So they wanted to see him yesterday. This doc, (we've not seen before) was nice. But he went into this spill about things in our body and so on and said Zane was sick due to teething syndrome. Well this beats all I've ever seen! I should've asked "Aren't my husband and I a little old to be teething?!!!"
    My lesson here is when calling ahead to make sure that doc has the day off. Because his brain sure is.

    BTW he did show me that teething syndrome is actually a dx. But I'd say I'll be appealing that one w/the insurance when the time comes.
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    Don't you hate docs that seem to not care about the rest of what's going on? I think the make these things up, publish tham, and use them for that thing that they can't diagnose otherwise. I'm sorry you all aren't better. How about the Johnson's Bedtime Lotion or the Baby Magic Calming Milk Bath? I have some samples if you want them. (I swap makeup online and they are in my samples piles) Private messge me with your address. I'll mail on Monday. It just might get you a nigt of sleep. Michelle


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      Hi, I am sorry you are going through this with Zane. I have learned by years of being a child care provider and I am also a nurse, that when kids are teething they do get sick more. I learned that when teething the immune system is not as strong and they can pick up things easier. Now anyone feel free to correct me if I am wrong but this is something I was taught. So that is all I can tell you. And many of the little ones I watched this held true for. Hope things are better soon.

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        My mom has had an in-home day care in my parent's home for about twelve years, since I was 7. Many times the children in our home were given a similar diagnoses by their pedicatricians. I would not be concerned with the insurance, but if you feel something else is going on (like something bacterial), it never hurts to get another optinion with your usual pedicatrician.